1st Post Here - Looking for a slouchy, tan bag!

  1. Hello everyone, it's my first post here!

    I am looking for a tan or light brown, cute, slouchy shoulder bag. I purchased this Begeren Moorea Tote, but it doesn't fit over my shoulder, which is a necessity for me. Do you have any recommendations for something similar? I love the shape and soft leather of this bag, but it's not going to work! I'm hoping to keep it under $350.

    Thank you!

  2. Welcome, monalua!

    I would highly recommend the Kooba Sienna in desert. it's a light tan with incredible yummy soft leather and it holds a ton. It has a couple inside pockets, snaps closed at the top, plus also has a couple hooks hidden inside to help keep its shape. I love everything about it!

    here's the NM link.
    Neiman Marcus Online *-*Kooba*-*Sienna Leather Shoulder Bag
  3. Tano minilisa musthavebag.jpg
  4. I second the nomination for hayden harnett. I have both the mercer satchel and the mercer hobo, the luggage is a beautiful color from what everyone says. I have 3 HH bags, all are great quaility. Definately check them out.