1st post ever, looking for some advice on my Madison Sabrina satchel

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  1. #1 Sep 16, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
    This is the gold and khaki opart jaquard fabric with leather. (13585)
    I left my bag at my sister's home, and she mailed it back to me in a box, that was damaged during shipping. The post office repackaged the bag in a too small, regular unpadded white plastic envelope. When it arrived it was folded in half and it's crushed the leather and the fabric is very wrinkled in spots. Do you ladies have any idea on how to remove the creases from the leather as well as the fabric? I would appreciate any and all help! I am new here, and was so happy to find a group of ladies, who share my handbag "vice" Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. I'm going to assume for a second that your sister did NOT insure the package of your bag when she sent it to you... and that the PO had documentation on the package you DID receive that they had to do so because the box was damaged... I'd think they'd be liable for the damage because they didn't repackage it well.

    Have you spoken to your local USPS in regards to the possibility of reimbursement or monetary reimbursement for the damage?
  3. Re:getting the wrinkles out. Try a hand held steamer, it should work on the fabric at least.
  4. Wow, I'd be very upset and hopefully the Post Office will compensate you for this. I agree that the steamer will work.
  5. She didn't insure it, even tho I paid her shipping and for insurance. The post office said they did the best they could, and don't think anything wrong happened, because she didn't package the bag correctly in the 1st place. I will try a fabric steamer or maybe the dry cleaners? Thanks for helping

  6. I would hold your sister responsible, ESPECIALLY since 1. you paid her the money for insurance(where did that go?) 2. She didn't both to package it up properly.