1st post, 1st Chanel

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  1. Got it as a gift :yahoo: , can someone please tell me which bag this is? Help a newbie out??? Thx.

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  2. Well, I hate to tell you this but I'm fairly sure it's not authentic. Sorry.

    It would be a Luxe Ligne Flap bag though.
  3. Welcome to this forum tan03! Congrats on your gift! Its from the Luxury collection , I believe we call it the Luxury flap. I'm not sure if it has an exact name for that.
  4. I agree with Swanky; it doesn't look authentic. :sad:
  5. Sorri..I agree with Swanky.
  6. it looks like the luxe flap with a modern chain twist to it.
  7. FRom this angle, it doesn't look authentic. Take pics of the interior and so forth and prolly that will give us better justification.
  8. Thx for the responses, it's not fake. Tag, receipt (gift), etc. all from the Chanel store. Attached some more pics. Can anyone identify its line? Luxe linge??? Spring 06, fall 06, ...?

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  9. hmm, just bc it has that tag and a "receipt" doesn't mean the bag is authentic.
    i trust the ladies on here to know what they're talking about, and i agree that this looks more like a hybrid of the luxe ligne and the mc.
  10. i am no chanel expert... but i feel like the leather looks kinda weird....
    how bout the hologram tho.... do they have fake hologram too these days?
  11. It appears to be fake.
  12. tan03, I would suggest you to bring in to the nearest chanel boutique and get it authentify. I agree the leather seem a bit weird looking to me but I'm no expert so I'm not much of a help here. There are plenty of good fake in the market and they can even make the card and receipt to look identical. So beware.
  13. I agree, it's a fake, the tag is a pretty obvious give away too, the chanel tag should not look like that.

  14. agreed. sorry to say...:sad:
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