1st Outlet Purchase... feel a little weird

  1. OK, I have a few Coach bags and accessories... all from retail stores/coach.com or the catalog. But yesterday I made my first Outlet Coach purchase. It was a bag I was already thinking about getting (soho small flap in mahogany) and then I saw it at the outlet and grabbed it... for almost 1/2 price - But now I feel a little self concious that it's an "outlet" bag... eventhough it was in stores just a little while ago.

    Why do I feel this way? Anyone else ever experience this?
  2. My first purchases were from Outlets and from eBay. Not self conscious, at all. As long as you are comfortable with your bag and it is the one that you really wanted...there should not be that feeling. Hope you get over that. Enjoy your new Coach!!
  3. It's still a Coach bag. Some are directly made for outlet and some come from the actual Coach store. It shouldn't matter where it came from, it's all Coach.
  4. I've never felt bad about outlet purchases (they were my first ones too). Actually, I've felt better because I didn't pay full price. This last time I paid full price for a bag and thought afterwards did they have it at the outlet. As long as it's "Coach", it's good enough for me.
  5. Nope, have never felt that way, I have only purchased my bags at the outlet or on eBay.
    Except for my Legacy!!

    Feel good about getting the great deal. No one knows when you got the bag if that is what you are wondering. So they would never know you waited and got it at the outlet.
  6. I don't feel bad at all... I am glad that i got a deal :smile:

    think of it this way -- it's like you bought it at Nordstroms, on sale. Coach doesn't sell "sale" bags in the store.. they just go to the outlet.
  7. Me too! As it stands, my first purchase were from a leather shop who was a Coach retailer and off season items were 25% off, so a full price bag has never been my thing. As a matter of fact, I've never bought one from a boutique. Macy's clearance, TJMaxx, you name it.

    Once I found out about the outlets I was hooked. These are authentic Coach products. Why pay full price when you can get the same thing for less. No matter how much you can afford, that means you can get more bags for the same price AND outlets aren't easy to get to so it's not like people are going to Wal-mart to get your same bag.

    Don't worry, enjoy your outlet experience, no one can tell the difference unless you tell them.
  8. Heck no. Coach is Coach as long as its real. :smile: eBay, Outlet, boutique. Whatever as long as its real is all that matters to me.
  9. I'm a discount store wh*re...I love finding a good deal.

    are my jeans any less abercrombie because I paid $24 intead of $68+
    are my jeans any less "joe's" or "sfamk" because I paid at least $60 less for them?

    I HATE paying retail...and I only will if I truely LOVE something...don't make it any less than what it is...imo, who cares if i'm a more 'economical' consumer?
  10. I'm with you deweydrop (though I also call myself a shoe wh*re). And, it also doesn't bother me to tell people it came from the outlet. I've found that more people realize Coach prices might be accessible to them if they go to the outlet because they think the boutique is too steep. I own stock in Coach, the more sales the better! ;)
  11. coach is coach...no mater how much you paid its sitll a beautiful bag and a quality product!
  12. Doesn't bother me at all.
    It actually bothers me to pay retail because I later wonder, will it end up at the outlets shortly?
    In either case, it sounds like you are looking down on outlets...bottomline is it's still Coach and it's still beautiful. No one will know that you got it from the outlet except you.
  13. i love the outlets! who cares whether it's from the outlets or full price? it's still coach and it's still lovely! if anything you should feel great that you were able to save a few bucks and get something lovely! congrats!!
    (plus the outlets are always packed, so you're not alone AND it's not like anyone will be able to tell that it's an outlet bag anyway! enjoy it!
  14. Doesn't bother me either. Coach is Coach-as long as it is authentic

  15. I was wanting this bag as well, and then I ran to the outlet and there it was! I was so excited to get it at the outlet price (which was half off)!
    I wouldn't feel bad at all. There are certain bags and pieces that are going to go to the outlet and then some that aren't. Just buy what you like, when you want it. And if you can get it for less $$$, go for it!