1st MJs I've rec'd: MJ Stam Hobo and E/W white bag.>>> thx

  1. Just rec'd MJ bag, please say yay or nay?? thank you. Please give me your opinion.
    1) Stam Hobo from BG when it was on sale two weeks ago...
  2. I think the E/W hobo looks great on you. No offence but the Stam seems to look a little big on you. :s
  3. Don't shoot me for saying this, but I'm not a fan of either one.
  4. really? thanks girls..but i didnt' like #2...oh wells..thanks
  5. from what i can see of #2 it looks cute but the stam looks huge!! (a little too big):hrmm:
  6. I like the stam... I don't think it's too big.
  7. ooh, the e/w one is adore on you! enjoy and congrats!!
  8. I love them both. The size gives me a reference to go on, because I want that bag. It looks divine! So Fab. It's very large, but I think you rock it AND if YOU like it, then it's NOT too big at all!

    I love the 2nd, too. :smile:
  9. i like both!

    the style of the stam on u is suuuuper cute, i'm just not crazy about the pic where you're using it with the gold chain, but all the other ways u wear it are gorgeous!
  10. I think the hobo is perfect for you, but the stam is too big.... I hope you keep at least one!
  11. hm..i'm having second thoughts..maybe both will go back..i'm not sure....also,i ordered a fendi spy so we'll see how that works out...thx
  12. Love the E/W on you. the stam looks best when it's on your arm in the first photo but it is a little on the big side but i i think u cld carry it off. Depends on whether you feel comfortable.
  13. I like both but my favorite is the E/W hobo!
  14. I really like the e/w bag on you! Very pretty. But that stam hobo looks very large on you!
  15. I think the stam hobo is honestly too big for you; it overwhelms your frame.

    The E/W hobo is a good proportion, but I'm not a big fan of the style - I think you could do better, IMO.

    Just my 2 cents. There will always be beautiful bags just around the corner! ;)