1st MJ: Stam quilted hobo ordered thru BG :)

  1. Just ordered this thru BG with free shipping..i'm soo excited...first MJ ever...any1 else have it? how u like it? is it heavy? hard to match? easy to carry? comfort??? please share:smile: ....also, if you have pix..share as well..thanks ladies...:smile:

  2. you might want to call and check the status of your order to make sure it's not cancelled. i tried ordering the MJ stam twice on BG today and they cancelled my orders.
  3. got called and checked..and even got an email..it's not cancelled.thx
  4. ^ Congrats Pwecious_323. =)
  5. Congratulations... that was an amazing price!!
  6. thanks...just wondering if you ladies have it or seen in person..how is it?? is it comfortable and easy to match??? thx
  7. Ladies who own it seem to think it's comfortable. It's a tad large IMO, but it looks like it would a easy color to match because of the neutral color. Congrats on your deal!
  8. CONGRATS!!! you must be psyched about it !!! it's a great deal and a great color too!!
  9. congrats on the great deal!
  10. i heard this bag is HUGE!!!!! is this true? how would u wear it? over shoulder? carry in hand, elbow?? any1 seen this IRL??? please let me know what u think? thx
  11. omg..thanks for finding these posts for me..i wanted to see one with someone with it..i'm afraid it might be a bit too big on me..i'm only 5' 3"..thx
  12. ^ I'm 5'3" as well, and it's not as large as you would think. The Hobo Stam is structured, but if it's not full, it will sit against your body pretty well.

    Definitely show us some pictures when you get it!