1st mbmj bag!

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  1. Jelly jacquard lil riz in talc multi. :smile:

  2. its a beaut!

  3. darling first bag!
  4. congrats!!!!
  5. a lotta views but 3 replies, it's that icky? lol :sweatdrop:
  6. congrats!! i've seen this bag in the darker color before, but i like this one much better. :tup:

  7. Well, it's better to make an assessment if we can see non-stock photos and modeling pics. :tup:
  8. ohhhh. :okay:
  9. Congratulations! :smile: And I would love to see some real life photos, too. :graucho:
  10. I love the little Miss marc Bracelets and earrings. Super Cute
  11. wow congrats on the new bag!
  12. am i right to say the bracelet is not sterling sliver?
  13. Love it. the designe is just soo good and funny