1st lv purchase debate

  1. this is my first lv bag and the most expensive thing (to be) in my wardrobe, for about 2 years i have been looking and thinking about which bag to get, needing to save the money as well its not that easy when ur 16! i wanted an everyday bag, but it had to be of a decent size and not office-like i had boiled it down to keepall and the carryall. here is my argument:

    keepall 45 with shoulder strap:
    classical design been around for 80 years or so, it is famous bag, one of the most recognizable of lv
    monogram canvas, is part of the luggage line, the sa told me that luggage monogram fabric is more durable than the handbag monogram canvas
    can double up as luggage
    has shoulder strap for hands free
    limited area of leather so patina area is reduced
    comes with lock
    tad cheaper than carryall +shoulder strap, (no biggie willing to pay difference)

    almost too large for everyday
    almost too classical for taste

    love the new design, keepall with modern edge (similar to my taste classical with a modern influence)
    slightly smaller so more acceptable (not alot more) everyday wear
    luggage more durable monogram fabric
    may leave at the end of the season!
    has bottom studs so the monogram is more resistant to scratching
    has limited leather patina reduced

    shoulder strap is extra 200-300
    no lock
    can be too big for everyday

    help me decide, my family is buying it for me in france (are the paris stores more expensive?) with the tax discount is that granted in store or at the airport like here in Australia if so how is it done. can i make an international request to pick up in store? any other suggestions are welcomed thanks for reading
  2. Hi there. I am just wondering are you wanting it for an everyday handbag or luggage? keepall and carryall are luggages you know but it is a moderate size. btw, speedy 30, 35 and 40 are based on the keepall bags but meant to be carried everyday. only difference is keepall 45 has some reinforcement near handles. But I guess you already know that, right? ! I haven't shopped in france but in uk, you fill in forms to get the VAT refunds. You have to submit the form to the relevant authority/desk at the airport for verification purposes with proof of purchase( ie the receipt and the merchandise that you bought). The queue could be long so it is a good idea to go early. I think it is better if you could ask the SA in Paris for clarifications again on how the process work when you or your family are there. It is much cheaper to buy goods which are of a European brand in Europe than Australia , most definitely. Good Luck deciding.
  3. I know how you feel being 16 and not being able to afford a LV but i saved up for a few months *birthday and christmas came aswell though* and i bought a speedy 30 which is pefrect size and i use every day.

    Maybe you should think about the speedy 35/40 if you want a bigger bag but not too big. These bags are also cheaper than the keepall w/strap so you could maybe buy a key change pouch too.

    I bought my bag in paris and it is cheaper than here in the UK.
  4. Hi, of the two you described, the Keepall is, as you say, classic -- I would go for that.
  5. I would go for the carryall. the keepall seems to big to carry everyday. maybe you can clarify what you carry with you everyday (laptop, books, ect)
  6. hey guys sorry to tell you im a guy so i cant carry the speedy still unsure more opinions please
  7. does it have to be a duffle? have you looked at the Geant? they've got the mesager, the pioner, the souverain...
  8. i've always liked LV's messenger bags for guys, but maybe they're too office-like for you?
  9. no thier not too office liek but are generally too small
  10. I vote for the carryall too .. I viewed this again at LV and it is a great casual bag:biggrin:
  11. thanks im leaning toward the carryall, and i can allways get the keepall in the future as the carryall is not offically part of the lv luggage collection
  12. i prefer the carry all to the keep all too, especially if you intend to use it as an everyday bag......it looks less luggagey, and reminds me of a really really cute duffle bag
  13. yeah im so excited now shame that my family are going to france in june and i have to wait until july to use it!! but i want a can of shining monkey for it and i cant get one :sad: do u know if it can be purchased from a store in the states cos my friend is going to visit the states later this year (to mebe pick me up a can)
  14. Get the Carryall. That's the final decision for you. Trust me, I used that bag as my daily gym bag! It fits the locker like a charm. And I sometimes used it as carry-on on board. And it will not be too heavy, the bag doesn't have a place to hook any shoulder strap by the way. Plus it's a perfect size to use it DAILY.

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  15. oops. carryall then.