1st LV! Mono Speedy 30.. should i trade for damier?

  1. hey all! im new.. hehe! this is officially my first thread and i need everyones advice...

    my husband got me a mono speedy 30 for vday to start off my LV collection but i want to know what u guys think of trading it in for a damier speedy..

    Thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. i think the mono speedy 30 is a great way to start your collection, but i have to say that i personally prefer the damier speedy.
  3. Hi;) Congrats and welcome to tPF:yahoo:

    If you prefer the bag that low maintenance and you like something different, go ahead and change it to damier. I myself owned a damier speedy 25 and its so gorgeous, i dont need to worry about the vachetta and so on.

    Anyway, you decide and good luck :sweatdrop:
  4. I would keep the mono and then aquire a damier later.
  5. I'd go with the Damier - lower maintenance :smile:
  6. :yes:
  7. i would keep it, 1.because it was a present 2.a mono is a good thing to start a collection, so did I 3.you can get a damier another time....

    welcome to TPF (caution:you get very addicted to this forum very soon!!!so did I) :smile:
  8. TOO LATE! im ALREADY addicted! ive been online since 6:30 am! haha!
  9. Thanks ladies! im leaning towards..... having both!! im probably going to liquidate my coach bag collection to acquire more LVs LOL! :nuts:
  10. I'd keep it because it was a gift and because it is a classic design (as is damier). I've always said with my dh that I will never give negative reinforcement (criticism or returning an item) for positive behavior (giving handbags or jewelry as a gift). It took him a long time to catch on about the things I like, but maybe your dh is always a good gift-giver!
  11. I like the mono better, especially now summer is coming. But you need to be alot more careful with the handles than with the damier!
  12. I like the mono better. I think it is the perfect bag to start a collection.
  13. I would keep the mono one for two reasons - sentimental - a gift from someone you love! and also that I have both (Damier and Mono) speedies and I love my mono one SO much more! There is something so classic about it. The vachetta is not that much of a problem - just don't put tanning lotion on your hands and pick it up or something (lol!). The damier is nice for a change when it's raining but on a beautiful day, there is no question which one I reach for - it's the mono.
  14. oh wow! thats right, spring is right around the corner and its going to be raining and raining and raining...:crybaby: my mono would HAVE to stay home...
  15. Its a great way to start off your collection. But on that note I'd say go for the damier, like others have said low maintenance. This way you have no worries about the handles and rain:smile:

    BTW congrat's on your new bag.