1st LV - i need your opinions!

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  1. i lost my 1st LV from a break-in almost a week ago. it was a mono papillon 30.. now thinking of buying a new one, although im still in a budget (i lost a lot from the break-in).
    im thinking about getting the mini pochette trunks and bags since it would be good for night outs.
    i also wanna get a speedy 30 in mono since its a classic bag but i have a lot of friends with that same purse and that's the only LV that they got ( i would feel weird if we would go out and we all carry the same purse -- i definitely want to hv the purse but im undecided if i want to have it now or later)
    other purses in mind are: Alma, Lockit and Manhattan GM.
    one more thing,i think the papillon 30 was a little big for me or maybe im not just used to carrying a bigger purse.
    insights pls! i want an LV for christmas!
  2. So sorry to hear about the break in! Those thieves will pay... :cursing:

    As for which bag to get... I think you should go for the Lockit! Which line did you want to get it in? Mono, Epi, or Suhali?
  3. Well if you really want a Speedy, remember that it comes in several different lines. Damier, Damier Azur, Epi, MC, Nomade, and of course the limited Mirroir.
    I'm not a big fan of the Mono Lockit when it starts to Patina, that's the only bag I don't like when the patina starts I don't know why!?
    I've seen the Manhattan several times and it always catches my eye because of the hardware in the front.
    Whatever you choose I'm sure will be great!!! Are you looking more of a handbag or a shoulder type bag like the Papillon?
  4. Sorry about the break-in! Go for the speedy!! I love mine...I have 4!
  5. i love my speedy 30 as an everyday bag, but i also wouldn't want to carry the same bag as all my friends... i bought an alma years back, and for some reason never use it. the manhattan gm is quite large (i have the mj venetia, essentially the same thing) and if u don't want a large bag, this might be too big (but u can wear it as a shoulder bag). the manhattan pm is really cute, something to consider, but it was too small for me. and i've never been a big fan of the lockit myself. u can always try the speedy in a different leather or fabric
  6. agreed with the above^ try the speedy in a different pattern :biggrin:

    Or lockits, manhattan pm's or maybe even a tivoli pm
  7. how about the speedy but in another line? I live in LA and have rarely seen the mini lin line out in about?
  8. I think a mini lin speedy would be an excellent choice -- you still get the monogram look that way -- but there's a uniqueness to it.
  9. Maybe something from the batignolles line? Great price point, cute and very useful!
  10. i love a classic bag-
    get a bag that just screams you, im partial to a lockit myself
  11. Try a speedy in Damier , Azur, or Epi !! All great choices !
  12. I would DEFINETLY go for a different fabric! I see so many monogram canvas purses it drives me nuts. :upsidedown: I'd go for mini lin, epi or whatever else. How about the croisette from the cruise collection? In that way you'll get something really special along with monograms. :yes:
  13. I def wouldn't buy the same bag as all my friends, I would get something different.
    What about a Lockit or an Alma? I have the monogram Lockit and it's a great classy bag, the size is perfect and it fits the essential for everyday. :yes:
  14. mini lin speedy or damier speedy!! Just keep in mind the 30 is quite large too if you're not looking for a large bag
  15. So sorry to hear about your break in. Agree with John5, those thieves will pay!! :rant:

    Among your choices listed, i'll go for either Lockit or Alma ;)