1st LV Bag!

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  1. I love the information that I get on this board. I am stepping up to the LV from the Coach, Tano, Dooney & Bourke etc. I always loved the LV bags. I am trying to decide whether to get the classic mono or the damier ebene. I am so excited about going to the LV store in MD. Unfortunately cannot go for another week because we are being hit with a snow blizzard. We had one on Saturday and hit today with another one. :mad: I am ready to go LV shopping.
  2. Congrats!! I think whatever you will choose will be awesome. FYI there is a rumor of a price increase 2/18. That still shouldn't stop you though.
  3. Well I need to get there quickly:smile:))) I am trying to figure out which bag can be dressy and casual.
  4. Welcome to LV!! and Congrats on getting your first bag, im sure whatever you choose will be with you for years to come :yes: looking forward to your reveal!
  5. Welcome to the world of LV...
    What is your budget and do you prefer a hand held or a shoulder bag?

    My favorite for a hand held is the classic speedy. For a shoulder bag my favorite is the galliera or the neverfull
  6. ^^^Those are some of the same bags I was going to suggest. You are on it!!
  7. Hi! I just got my first LV bag too..its the Damier Ebene Berkeley, its a bit pricier than the rest, but its the cousin of the speedy, I normally don't like to follow trends...but I get A LOT of glances at my purse...and I LOVE IT!!!

    So save up and get the Damier Berkeley!!!!!
  8. Welcome! Your going to love your new LV when you get it! If I were going to purchase my very first LV...I'd go for monogram. It's such a classic!!
  9. I'm getting my first soon as well! I'm going with the Damier Ebene, just because it's an easier to maintain bag then the mono or azur without the vach.

    That being said, if you LOVE the mono and you can baby it like it needs, go for it!
  10. I am treating myself with my taxes. I actually always loved the speedy bag. My next purchase will be the speedy azur. I am loving that bag. Did any of you ladies hear sarcastic remarks when you got your bag??? I mentioned it to a friend and got a response that sounded like jealousy but then we said, oh well you can afford it. I know that I am going to hear comments now that I have money etc but I am going to be proud of my new baby.
  11. The Speedy Azur is gorgeous! I really love it, just worry about it's practicality. My love with LV started when I first saw the Speedy Azur and that was the only LV bag I've ever wanted. After getting into the world of LV, I've decided that I can get the Azur later, after my "essential" (practical) LV purchases are finished, as I am not interested in any brands anymore and want to carry my LV everyday.
  12. I live in MD too, so I'm in the exact same situation as you. This weekend was CRAZY- 3 to 4 feet of snow here, and now 1-2 more feet! Are you going to the Towson store to get it? Things might be ok by the weekend.
  13. This is my first post and I just got home from the Louis store here in St. Louis with my first LV!!!! I brought home the beautiful Montorgueil GM! I is so wonderful, I can't quit staring at it lol!
    This forum was so great when I was deciding which to get. Thanks girls! :yahoo:
  14. Pics! Pics!