1st LV? artsy or speedy + wallet?


Nov 23, 2008
I am about to make my first LV purchase. This will be my ONLY bag purchase for 2010 so whatever purse I purchase needs to really be a workhorse!

I know that the speedy is a favorite for 1st time LV owners for the obvious reasons & I do love the speedy 30!

I also love the artsy MM. I'm definitely the "artsy" type but worry that this bag may not work as well w/ as many outfits as the speedy would.

So . . . what are your thoughts on the artsy? Does the style of the bag limit the type of outfit that it can be worn with? Will it function well in the winter w/ regards to "armpit clearance?"

The cost difference between the two bags does not matter.

Thanks in advance!


Dec 15, 2009
I feel like the artsy is more sophisticated and less formal imho. I have not seen one in person so I am not sure but speedy seems more casual. Both will be good and both are probably workhorses!


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Jul 15, 2009
I saw the Artsy a few weeks ago on a young woman and it looked HOT! It made me turn my head bc I've never seen it before and I even described it as a Large Hobo style on TPF bc I didn't know the name yet.

This was a seriously CHIC looking bag! She had it on her shoulder and it looked fine! The Monogram canvas slumps down so the arm clearance is not that much of an issue for most.

I think this could be a Workhorse... it looks like it can carry a lot. It looks absolutely chic on! It's unique since its so brand new.... I'd say the Artsy would be my choice!

The Only concern I would have is that one handle... you would have to go to LV and try it out yourself and see if the handle is comfy. Does it rest nicely on the shoulder? Does it dig in? Is it stiff? Will it hurt if you have your things in it?

Other than that... the Artsy wins my vote!! Having seen it IRL on someone this is a Chic bag!! :biggrin: But this is coming from someone who already has LVs...

IF this is your 1st LV - go w/ the speedy and wallet... the speedy will serve as a Workhorse just as much and you'll have one of the LV classics to start your collection :biggrin:
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Sep 19, 2008
Lone Star State
I think either bag will work with your outfits. They are both mono, just the styles are different. I have the Artsy MM and do not find it uncomfortable at all to carry. Others on here found it stiff on the shoulder. You will need to definitely go see it in person and decide for yourself. I also found that it feels different on the shoulder when it's empty vs when you have all of your stuff in it. The handle does soften over time as well. Either way, both bags are great choices. GL deciding.


Nov 25, 2007
I have at Artsy and absolutely love it. I never cared for the speedy (for me). I bought one once and immediately returned it. Also, you can't put speedy on your shoulder. I'd get the Artsy - it is less common!


Apr 8, 2007
I have the artsy mm and is totally in love with it. It's chic and versatile. The 6 inside pockets help you stay organize as opposed to the speedy, you will have all your stuff just inside the bag. In addition, the speedy tends to sag if you have too much in it, and the artsy stays it's shape. Hands down, if you want a bag to work for you, the artsy would get my vote.


Nov 23, 2008
Wow - thanks for all of the quick responses!

There is no LV boutique near where I live but we will be visiting New Orleans later this week & they have an LV store at SAKS.

I'm hoping that they have both styles in stock so that I can try them on!

I'm so torn on this decision & appreciate all input! :smile:



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Mar 7, 2006
I say the Speedy + Wallet just because LV wallets are soooo well made, and a really a great investment. If money were not an issue though, I would say Artsy + Wallet.


Apr 25, 2008
I love both bags, but I'd choose Speedy and wallet. You'll have the iconic LV bag and a great LV wallet to use in all your future LV's!! Let us know what you decide.