1st Louis

  1. I was a GUCCI Lover.. now into LOUIS VUITTON
    MY B/F just bought me the Popincourt Haut yesterday. I love it will post pics soon!

    Just wondering does anyone know the warranty policy on Louis Vuitton's?
    im sure I can just call the SA that helped my boyfriend.

    I have no idea about their warranty and he didn't ask them. Just curious.
  2. Congrats on your first piece!!!! popincourt haut is grrrrrreat!!!

    lucky girl with a sweet bf!

    btw, OT but I like your bag in your avatar! so cute!
  3. Welcome to the club-my wife followed similar progression-Coach-Gucci-LV with a few other bags sprinkled in.
  4. No idea about warranty. Congrats on your popincourt!
  5. As far as a warranty goes, it's usually at the SA's discretion- if it's deemed a defect (unusual rubbing, loose hardware, bleeding on MC, etc.) then they'll usually replace it, even if it was bought a few years before. But for normal wear and tear (hardware scratches, scuffs, penmarks, etc.) they can send it for repair or part replacement but it'll be on your dime.
  6. thank you to all who welcomed me & responded!!

    i love it. my b/f didn't like louis because there was too many replicas, but i guess he gave in and got me one.
  7. just_jill325 thanks for the compliment on my gucci that was also my 1st gucci bag!

    **I want a wallet now any suggestions????**
    thank you!
  8. Congrats on your first LV! I got the Popincourt Haut in June 05 and it was my first LV in over 14 years! :nuts:

    BTW, I love your Gucci bag in your avatar! Everytime I pass by the Gucci store here I always want to buy that bag or another one on display, but everytime I was going to buy Gucci I ended up getting an LV or Burberry instead. :shrugs:
  9. congrats!

  10. Thank you! I always wanted a gucci bag just got that in October. Although now that I have a louis i think louis are made better. Just my opinion.

    How do you like the popincourt Haut? Hope u get a Gucci soon. If you do post pics & let me know. I wanted a Speedy 25 or 30 but i'll have to wait on that.
  11. Congrats! It's one of my fave bags!
  12. congrats on the popincourt haut - i love that bag!

    as far as wallets go, i love my monogram porte-tresor international. :smile:
  13. Awesome! Congrats! You must be so happy!
  14. congrats...ph is also my first lv...love love that bag :yes:
  15. Yay, I love ph, you will love it, such a versatile bag!