1st Louis Vuitton Multicolor

  1. i love louis vuitton but other than the mulitcolor bandeaus, have yet to buy one and am now considering it...i'm thinking about the alma, speedy, or trouville...any suggestions??? thanks:smile:
  2. you are thinking of getting something in the MC line? If so get the speedy, I have it in black and white. I can't say how much I love this bag. its my all time favorite bag since it came out.
  3. speedy! :yes:
  4. My first MC piece was the Audra but I also looked at the Trouvillle (close 2nd), the Lodge, and the Eliza. I love the Speedy but it's too big and too heavy for me.

    Good luck!
  5. Speedy if you want a larger bag. If you need something smaller - Trouville!
  6. I have the trouville and petite noe in MC and I really like them but I have always wanted a MC speedy.
  7. I've had the Audra, Speedy and the Alma, out of all of those I recommend the Alma the most, it wasn't too heavy and it holds a ton!
  8. i have the speedy in white and a trouville in black. both fabulous bags :smile:
  9. I love the Alma in MC! I am wanting a black MC ALma sooo Bad.
  10. I just got the MC Eliza. I really liked the Speedy and thought I wanted that one until I looked at it in the store and it was HUGE! I still held it in front of the mirror but then it looked even more huge compared to my size so I ended up getting the Eliza after looking at just about every other MC bag.
  11. i have the Trouville in white and i love it. it's so pretty and feminine, and not as common as the Speedy
  12. Speedy or Trouville. And hurry up coz there's going to be a price increase soon. the price on the MC line has been steadily increasing for the past 1 1/2year. Info is 2k for the MC speedy!
  13. I love the Alma but now I want a white speedy...I vote for either of these! The Shirley is a cute little bag as well.
  14. I'd definitely get the MC Speedy. :drool: