1st Louis- some questions

  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my first post and my first Louis. I bought the Manhattan PM while in Boston at the Louis store about a month ago. I've been carrying it everyday since. My questions are....

    How do you care for the leather, especially the handles? I noticed they can get dirty pretty easily. Also, the buckles already have scratches. Is this normal for such a new bag?

    I have a long ways to go before I post any pictures…I do have a couple Gucci bags. I am currently eyeing an apple colored Prada bag but I think my next big purchase will be a Chanel. I also love the small Lady Dior bag in black lambskin. This site is sure not helping my disease but I am sure loving it!! Especially all the pictures!


  2. use Shining Monkey on the leather :yes:. it dries really fast and doesn't leave any stains or marks. and it protects the leather from water marks and dirt.

    as for the buckles, how scratched they are depends on how you handle them, i guess, especially if you use the bag everyday. if you don't open and close them too much and don't knock the bag around, they should be fine.