1st Louis for me?

  1. I'm considering getting a Louis bag for the first time! If so, which one would you ladies suggest? I only am interested in the canvas line, and the Speedy won't work for me because I need a shoulder strap. I need it large enough, but not huge, you know? I'm 47, and I don't know that these bags are really ME, but I'm intrigued!!! What do you think? My dad and brother will be in Paris in September, and maybe they should get me one there?
  2. Cabas Piano or Popincourt Haut! :love:
  3. Popincourt haut or batignolles horizontal/vertical !
  4. I vote for the Batignolles Horizontal. I have one and love it (I'm 43, by the way!). Another bag I like but don't have is the Cabas Mezzo. It's even bigger that the Batignolles, though, so I don't know how big you want to go.
  5. Definately the Popincourt Haut. I love it :love:
  6. Batignolles Horizontal....it's on my list too!!
  7. I've got the Popincourt Haut and I adore it! It's perfect to carry on my shoulder or on my arm -- large enough to fit all my junk, too! (I'm 45)

    My next choice would be the Batignolles Horizontal.
  8. I say go for the BH. I recommend getting it in Paris if you can because people say it's cheaper there.
  9. I like the Cabas better.
  10. Ok, I vote for BH! I love mine!:heart: It is so nice. Roomy, and stylish. I like the fact that it's so easy to get in and out of. Also when you're out shopping and your cell rings, it's soooo accessible...with the open top feature. Or if your shopping and need to get something out real quick, just take off one strap and it opens nice and wide.

    Overall...just a very functional beautiful bag!;) Or you might like the B. Vertical...also roomy!

    Or, like a previous poster said....if you need bigger..there's the cabas mezzo. Or something smaller than the BH: Popincourt Haut, Cabas Piano.

    Good Luck!
    btw, I'm 35, and 5'5".
  11. I would say the Cabas Piano or the Batignolles Horizontal too.
  12. I have the Popincourt Haut, and I love it! I am 33 with 3 kids, and it is plenty big for all the junk I carry around. I also like the Cabas Piano...hopefully that will be my next bag.
  13. Im going to agree with majority here and say get the Batignolles Horizontal. Its the prettiest bag and great for a first purchase!
  14. I am 35 and the batignolles horizontal is the bag that I always go back to. I have bought others, and like them, but none as well as my bh!!
  15. I vote for Cabas piano :love: