1st Let-Trade purchase...need help?

  1. I just ordered my 1st Let-Trade purchase and the auction states a shipping fee of $25.99 - on all their lisitings, well I paid via Paypal and my order total was the same amount for the purse I purchased?

    Also, will I receive an email from Let-Trade to confirm my order since it is still appearing as availale on their system - you'd think once you purchase something it would automatically be removed?

    Please advise...thanks!!!!
  2. The shipping is included in your price. It took him a little bit to remove the item I purchased also when I bought my first one...I had the same thoughts running through my head. I emailed him and he emailed me back so everything was fine!:yahoo: Congrats on your first purchase on there! I hope you love it!!!!:heart:

  3. Thanks!!!

    Another question, how long did it take to ship to the US? They say 10-14 days - is this true, or is it usually shorter? Just curious....thanks!!
  4. I took some time to remove my item also. Shipping is included. Congrats!:yahoo: Did I miss where you told us what you got?:shrugs: :shame: :yes:
  5. I'm trying to remember, but you know I think it was only a week at the most. I was so excited about it, it seemed like forever. What did you get?
  6. It took one week for mine to arrive.
  7. It depends on the shipping service you requested...was the extra EMS charge added on the total already? I've never bought from their website directly...

    If so, EMS deliveries are super fast and can take anywhere from 3 days-1 week max.

    I have a package that arrived within 3 days! I have to pick it up today, though...
  8. do u know how long would it take to europe??
    the same??
  9. I always use EMS and I get it in 3 days.
  10. Thanks, I wanted something small that I could take to places like church, the bars, parties, etc....and I ended up ordering the Mini Looping Bag - I thought it was a STEAL at $229.00!!! Too good to pass up!! Thanks for all your advise - bummer, next Thursday is a HOLIDAY and I am heading out of town - hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, hope it doesn't get lost at the post office. HA!HA!
  11. What a great price, sounds like a good deal to me! Post some pics when you get it!!!! Congrats again!!!!:yahoo:
  12. I'm not trying to be a party pooper here, but on their website they say they sell the item to the person who pays first. So keep that in mind.

    My first let-trade experience was super. I paid them extra for shipping cost because I wasn't aware that EMS shipping was included in the price, and they gave me a refund :smile:
  13. Yes, sometimes things hang around on the site for a little while after being purchased. It causes a little bit of anxiety, LOL
    They always send me a tracking number after I have ordered something. Great service.

  14. I wonder - does that mean I may not of won this purse I paid for? If so, will they credit my account? I hope so, since I have only heard positive things about this site.....hmmm, makes me wonder now - I hope I won!!!