1st hurricane of the season

  1. It really was just a rain storm.....we were blessed!!!! THANK GOD.:yahoo:
  2. I just wanted to add...I know this is not about a handbag....but it is...as we always have the potential of loosing every handbag in the closet...and more.
  3. I just heard it died down before hitting and wasnt more then a rain storm...
    Awesome news.
  4. Gotta love a woman who worries about her handbag!
  5. I'm soooooo happy for everyone out there! I hope Megs house survived the rain though!
  6. Phew! Thank goodness it wasn't serious and everyone's OK! :yahoo:

    I always wondered what I'd do in a disaster and worked out that, after my pets (and my BF, of course - if he needed saving!), I'd save my bags first; as my jewellery would hopefully be slightly more resilient!

    Slightly OT, but when the fuel depot went up, a few miles away and we didn't know which way the wind was blowing (the other way, as it turned out, very luckily for us!), I mentioned to my BF that if we had to evacuate, I wanted to take my bags (to save them from smoke damage) and he seemed genuinely disgusted by me!!! :yucky: :lol:

    What's wrong with that? :shrugs:
  7. We love a good rain storm...and that it was. The tourists were evacuated and it was just locals. Friends got off work early and we had a great day. Like I said...we were blessed that it was nothing. BUT what a fun day. I just wish that would be our hurricane season...I know there is a few more to come. :crybaby:
  8. I was so confused when I woke up this morning and it was SUNNY! :biggrin: It's still windy here, hopefully it will die down soon.
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