1st Hermes purchase

  1. Hi All

    No Hermes bag yet, but someday. Still building up the Balenciaga collection for now.
    I was in Vegas and got a pale pink enamel bracelet. I love it!!!:tender:
    I have not taken it off since. I was so looking for the perfect casual everyday bracelet and now I found it. yipee!:wlae:

    Thanks all, just wanted to share.
  2. Welcome, HC1871! Congratulations on your new Hermes bracelet! I'm so glad you posted....would LOVE to see a pic of your new baby if you get a chance!!!!!
  3. I LOVE those bracelets!!!!! congrats - as they say, once you've gone Hermes, you'll never go back!!!!! Nice colour choice, too - very feminine!!!!!
  4. Welcome! Each and every Hermes purchase is special! Enjoy your bracelet!
  5. Glad you're enjoying her. Please post pics!!!
  6. Congratulations on your first lovely piece of Hermes!! Good luck resisting the siren call of MORE :graucho: Hermes :yes:. I brought 2 bracelets home from my recent Hawaii trip - beautiful and a great souvenir. Enjoy and post pics.
  7. Good Morning/Afternoon/Night everyone!!!

    HC1871...please posts your pic when you get a chance. And keep that saving rolling toward your first H bag.
  8. HC congrats and welcome! My first was an enamel bracelet from Vegas as well. :love:
  9. That is so exciting! Congratulations!!! Any purchase is special!!! Hope you post pics!!!
  10. Thanks all.

    Here is a really bad photo. Sorry I must have taken 10 different ones and they are all coming out like this. I guess I need a better camera or learn how to use the one I have:wlae:

    It is plain w/the logo on it.

    I love it and wear it everyday with other different bracelets or alone.
  11. I think I know which one this is, very nice!:yes:
  12. Very pretty!!!! Congrats again! :yahoo:
  13. She's beautiful HC! Hope to be seeing you more in this subforum.