1st Hermes, 3 on hold, 1 questioned...what to do???

  1. Hey Ladies and Gents,

    Ok, so first THANK YOU JAG! You recommended a very sweet and helpful SA at Neimans today! Wish you could have been there....I was a little overwhelmed...a lot of delish goodies!!

    So here's the 1st dilemma. I'm ready to take the jump with my first Hermes. I went in hopes to walk out with a Bearn, but found the bi-fold a little small for my needs. So a red tri-fold is on the way from another Neimans so I can see if it will fit what I need. I also saw the Dogon and at first, didn't think it would work well for a wallet, even though it is the same size as my LV wallet. So, I have 2 wallets on hold, and I'm not sure what to do....will the Dogon work well as a wallet/clutch?? Or should I stick with the Bearn--a traditional wallet? The Dogon is the Blue Jean, I believe in Togo--would have loved it in a red, they only had orange and brown with orange stitching (very cute). The tri-fold is red, and I don't recall the leather (unfortunately, even though the SA's were SO VERY helpful, they weren't the Hermes specific SA...so at times they seemed as lost as me.)

    So then onto bags, I've been debating about a Kabana gently used from another PF'er. But having not been able to see the bag in person, it's hard to take the jump. So, I started looking at bags, and found I really liked the Masai (sp) and a very casual canvas tote. So, I'm just wondering, do I go with Masai (great fit, nice color---brown'ish rust) or the Kabana??

    I'm so confused what to do....any advice would be so welcomed!!!:s:shrugs:

    Thank you :shame:
  2. Can't help with advice because I don't own either...soon someone will help!
  3. Yay! Glad you had fun! I wish we had more here to look at and feel, but at least you can get some sort of idea of what you like. With that knowledge, you can call a Hermes boutique to hopefully get exactly what you want. If you want, wait until Friday or Saturday and I can meet you there and take a look and help you decide. But definitely sounds like you have some wonderful choices!!!
  4. Emanu1016,

    Were the Massai bags at the NM in Troy?

    I tried a GM Massai and was shocked when I didn't like it. Last week I tried the much more common PM Massai. I thought it would be too small, but it wasn't. It also wasn't heavy and didn't hurt my shoulder like the GM did. I don't know anything at all about the Kabana, but I've adored the Massai since the ladies here brought my attention to it, and trying several on in the Dallas H boutique made me feel lots better about the bag. It's a great, interesting bag...and really, really soft and squishy, too. It looks great on me at 6 ft, and just as great on cute, tiny, petite women too.
  5. FWIW, Dallas had lots of Massai PMs in lots of bright colors, and black also. If you want the name of someone to call, send me a PM and I'll let you know.
  6. Jag,

    Ohhh, I'm suppose to go back Sat. late morning--not sure on the time yet. I need to confirm. That is the next day Lisa is in--she is off on Friday. I'd love if you could come....maybe you could help a Libra finally make a decision ;)
  7. Love the Massai and the Kabana looks really pretty too. That is a tough choice. :sweatdrop:
  8. Personally, I adore Bearns and the Massai bag.

    Love the Bearn because: it's light and compact, elegant and has a host of compartments - all in one. Do you carry a lot of cards? Because the trifold has loads of room for these and other bits and pieces.

    I have a Massai PM in swift :heart: - I was surprised at how chic it looked on the shoulder (I thought it'd look more "hobo") - and how well it hugs the body, whether on the shoulder or worn across the body like a satchel. Usually, I can't do the across-the-body thing - I've never found a bag that didn't feel awkward - but the Massai is fabulous. Also, roomy and very easy to access.
  9. ^ I'd also try the Trim bag. I prefer this and the Massai to the Kabana.
    I also love the Bearn wallet. I think you'll be happy with the tri-fold!
  10. I will be there then! I can make it anytime after 10:30!!! PM me and we can make arrangements! So excited for you! I just know you will come home with some H goodies!

  11. gga,

    Ohhh, interesting. To be honest, I'm not sure on the size. I don't think it was too small, so maybe the PM. It wasn't heavy and was very soft!! I really loved the shorter and longer strap. The shorter was a little too short, I needed the longer but taken up about 2 inches. I'm 5'3'ish, and the long was too long. But I wasn't in love with the color. I figure for my first and for the money, I should LOVE LOVE LOVE it. hmmmm, so many choices! My head is spinning!
  12. ^^^LOL Emanu1016! I've been right there with ya for the last 6 months!
  13. I went to the H boutique to buy a Bearn and ended up with a Dogon. I can't tell you how much I love it. It is large and that makes it very "glamorous" and "elegant" to use. Those words may sound odd for a wallet but it just has a lot of presence! It has so much room for credit cards, bills and receipts. AND what I love is that all this fits without the wallet looking fat.

    If I were you I'd snap up that brown one with orange stitching... it sounds totally yummy!

  14. I know....so hard to make a decision! I swear...you'd think my head was about to explode in the middle of Neimans! Just trying to pick a wallet and bag!!!
  15. I :heart: the Dogon and want one so badly!!! :yes: