1. Pretty much, yes; with this one exception I guess...an exclusive at NAP:


    Large Marcie with long strap :smile:
  2. oh god why did I click that, lol
  3. Thanks for posting Shari! Is your picture of the small Marcie in Ochre true to color? I love Wood from 2010 and am wondering how Ochre compares. I haven't seen any pics online yet.
  4. Hi AngeCS29,

    Yes, ochre is true to color... Bois is definitely more vibrant than ochre; however, both are great year-round neutrals...


  5. u rock shari!! thanks so much for the chloe eye candy preview!!! been savin up for my first chloe!! whoo hoo... now to decide between Marcie and Paraty.... :sweatdrop:
  6. beautiful!
  7. beautiful!
  8. :ty: Thank you so much for posting all these pictures, Shari! Really appreciate it!! Next time I'm in Vegas, I will definitely be popping in! You are a star!!!!
  9. thanks for the posting... the small one with strap looks big as well... the same question as ame above... is only small size coming with strap ?