1st Givenchy.... and 2 at one go~

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  1. so, I'm practically swarm with work ever since I started work in June and haven't got anything to do any shopping at all...
    how depressing it is when you realize you are no longer keeping up the trend of whichever bag is the "IN" bag.

    have been comtemplating on this particular model for the longest time ever as well as eyeing on the antigona and the pandora, I thought this would be the most suitable bag for me right now for my work.
    True enough, I've been lugging her almost everywhere ever since I got her and is completely making full use out of it.
    Aint taking the best pictures cause it's usually around 9pm when I reach home, but I promise I'll post up some modelling pics up this weekend, so do check back. :graucho:
  2. So which one were you referring to " carrying everyday"? The Pandora or the Antigona? lol
    I am falling in love with Givenchy too myself in particular the Nightingae and Antigona. I can't wait to see your mod pictures! :P

  3. congrats on your new bag! looking forward to seeing some pics. did you get the nightingale?
  4. So sorry for the long wait!
    TPF keeps failing on me whenever I tried to attach files to it...

    finally got time to sit down and upload some photos...
    without further ado, my babies!!


  5. I also got these so whenever I head for a short trip, I can just lug her along~



    enjoy the pics ladies!! :biggrin:
  6. Hey bag twin, love your new bags! I think this is the first time im seeing luggage on this forum, how cool!
  7. congratulations! the large (its large from the look of the pic?) nightingale looks so sexy with the metal details! and the luggage is SO COOL! i've never seen anyone travelling with a nightingale luggage (its usually the boring LV & gucci..lol) :biggrin: it looks way cooler then a lv luggage ahha
  8. congrats on your beautiful bags! i love your nightingales! i really like the luggage bag...i travel quite a bit & seeing your bag makes me want to get one too.
  9. Love the detail on your Nightingale! AND - so cool that it matches your new luggage, too!
  10. Congrats! Ooh I love that metal detailing so unique and gorgeous X
  11. Gorgeous bags! Really beautiful! Congrats!