1st gen Paddy's zippers - do they come unhinged?

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  1. I have a question about the first generation paddys.

    Do the double zippers on top come unhinged to open the bag all the way? I've heard that they don't as compared to the newer versions that have zippers that do come unhinged.

  2. Somebody please help?
  3. The very first season's zippers did not come open at the ends. It was only starting with the second season that they made them with zippers that now open all the way.
  4. Hmmm... mine is 1st season, definitely authentic and comes open on both ends...
  5. Mine is a first season, the very first, and the zippers do NOT open at the ends. I have a friend on TFS who I contacted about this and she can only open one end of her zipper and has to force it open, the other end doesn't unhinge at all. :biggrin:

  6. second that...
  7. Thanks girls! Just really needed a little reassurance. :smile:
  8. Don't worry. I can assure you that they do not open - there are a few other minor things about the very first season's bags that are different, but the zippers are the easiest way to differentiate.
  9. maybe mine's not 1st season? Who knows... Mine is from A/W 2005.
    Is that 1st season? I'm so confused. :0P
  10. I saw the pics of yours - it is absolutely gorgeous! But it's definitely not from the first season - the very first ones started arriving in stores in February and March of 2005: the season was considered S/S 2005 - those are the ones that have the zippers which don't open.
  11. Ohh! Thanks!
    Jeez! I was starting to get a little worried! :cry:
    I'm so on the fence about selling her... I think i'm still in love.

  12. I don't think you should sell her! The leather on yours is just beautiful and the color, as well as the leather from that season was so much nicer than the newer ones - you might regret letting her go. Just a thought...........
  13. You're right. I'm still in love. I shouldn't let her go! Yeah, i love the pebbly leather a lot better than the smooth leather. I'd be better off keeping her. :love:
    Thanks for the push!! :smile:

  14. Yeah the first season of Paddy's was SS05. But even then,there was a difference between the very first *batch* (?Feb/March) ....zippers do not unhinge...and the second batch (I got mine from Net-A-Porter in ?April/May)....zippers DO unhinge.
  15. Has anyone noticed a difference between the leather of the first batch where the zippers aren't unhinged vs the second batch where they are? I have a first season tan that has extremely wrinkly leather with zippers that don't detach. I can't seem to wear the color so am looking for a chocolate with the same season but have been unsuccessful not only in finding one, but just seeing one at all. I'm curious to know if chocolate even existed then and if so, if the leather is pebbled and wrinkly like this tan is