1st fendi bag....help me

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  1. Hi...I wanna buy my first fendi bag but my budget is just 300$... can any fendi bag come in this range....please tell me...i cant afford a higher range
  2. I would say no. Sorry!
  3. ^ Yes, great suggestion, Liti! I was going to say baguettes, too. Also, you could try ebay...sometimes there are some great deals on authentic Fendis!
  4. Yes, I was automatically thinking spybag. Those baguettes are cute!

  5. Hello,

    Just a suggestion...maybe eBay! I love eBay and have never had any problems, but I shop very carefully. If you see something you like, post it within the "authenticate this Fendi" thread...click here...in order to make sure it is authentic! Good luck and best wishes :heart:
  6. is jomashop authentic???
  7. From what I've read on here, yes they sell authentic bags. Because of the good feedback I received about Jomashop here, I purchased my fendi bag there. Just to be on the safeside I also posted pics on authenticate this after I rec'd. it and it was the real deal.
  8. ubid is also another good auction site to shop for authentic bags. I know it is not as big as eBay, but they authenticate their buyers and sellers BEFORE they list and bid so it is safe and authenticity is gauranteed. You can get fendi's for under 300, but yes, you aren't going to get a spy bag!!
  9. Hm. That's interesting, since the only two auctions that come up on that site with a search for " fendi spy" are obvious fakes.
  10. also interesting to see that one of the fake spys on ubid uses the same picture as a fake spy you are selling on your website.

    Actually, I guess that is you selling the same fake spy on ubid as you have on your website. Makes sense.
  11. please tell me why it is fake, yes it is my bag, but I am horrified if it is not real. I have been using the same supplier for years and have never had a problem! This is the first spy I have purchased from her- if it is fake I will correct the problem immediately.
  12. The second spy bag-the black one is inspired not authentic.
  13. Okay, I have going over and over these threads, and I have just pulled the hologram sticker off the label. I am sick to my stomach. I still don't know for sure any other give aways. I have bought a lot of bags from her, now I don't know if any of them are real. I will start posting them and will keep my fingers crossed.

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