1st ever Curbing Consumerism Vegas In March Meet...vote for wknd...

what's your pleasure ladies....

  • Fly in Wends Mar. 2, fly out Sun Mar. 6

  • Fly in Thurs Mar. 3, fly out Sun Mar 6

  • Fly in Wends Mar. 9, fly out Sun Mar 13

  • Fly in Thurs Mar. 10, fly out Sun Mar. 13

  • Fly in Wends Mar. 17, fly out Sun Mar. 20

  • Fly in Thurs Mar. 18, fly out Sun Mar 20

  • Fly in Wends Mar. 23, fly out Sun Mar 27

  • Fly in Thurs Mar. 24, fly out Sun Mar 27

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Dec 16, 2005
okay ladies - we did it, we picked Vegas in 2011, and we picked March.

I am in charge of Hotels - will keep all abreast, I have asked for people to PM me their budget per night...so far, everyone is in-line with one another.

If you intend to stay solo - or with a SO that is cool - those of us who will be buddying up will be told the rates for rooms that accomodate anywhere from 2-5 people. It is possible that only 5 of us would want to share rooms....in that case - the 5 of us could swing a very nice suite based on what I learned today...so, I will be keeping you all posted about hoteln options.

Dusty is in charge of assisting with airlines...if you need help PM her.

So - now is time to nail down the weekend in march and whether the majority want to fly in wends-sun or Thurs-Sun.
Oct 30, 2006
Again, the last weekend is when March Madness begins, so if that weekend is selected, I think I will pass. I don't like going during that because it is full of drunk guys. I will only likely come for 2 nights and I have to check with DH because March is his busy season. I don't know if Deb or Odette will be able to come then either. I think that is busy season for them, too.


May 7, 2006
I voted for two weekends in March, only because I *may* be committed to an early March conference....and definitely have a conference first weekend of April.

I'm fine with either Wed/Thurs....my flight will be about 5 hours. I'll check out prices now (fortunately I can fly out of MIA or FLL).


will work for shoes
Dec 16, 2005
i think i voted for the first two weekends - lol - but i could probably do any.

this is so exciting! i hope when/if i get a new job it doesn't screw this up =/

If you have a new job state up front that you have a vacation booked, usually they will accomodate that provided you have given them the forewarning!

Airfare for me right now looks like $450. Ugh! BUT I'm sure it will not be that.... long way out.

After Summer it will come down...I won't even look at mine until September/October.

Vegas Long Legs

Nov 13, 2006
Luvshop - how dare a job interfer with traveling! lol

OK this kind of defeats the purpose of a Curbing Consumerism meet.
But there is a great jewelry show here from Feb 27 to Mar 2nd 2011.
*runs out of thread*

You don't want to be here during March madness.
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