1st Ever Chanel Reveal!!! F/W 2012

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  1. thats looks amazing . Your so lucky ! How much was it ?
  2. Beautiful!!!! Congrats!!:hugs:
  3. Very Pretty & I Love the color, Congrats
  4. Very pretty color! I tried on the burgundy today but the grey looks amazing! Congrats! It's a great bag.
  5. congrats
  6. It's cute. Congrats. ;)
  7. Very nice!
  8. Its such an awesome bag. Retail was USD $2100 plus tax.
  9. Also, thanks everyone!
  10. What a BEAUTY congratulations :smile:
  11. it is a beauty! Congrats
  12. Lovely color:smile:enjoy your bag ...
  13. Stunning!! Congrats!! I must add this into my wish list!!
  14. It's absolutely gorgeous. Congrats!!!!

  15. Gorgeous! Mod pics please :smile: I think I want one!