1st Editions...

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I'm new to this forum so if my question seems stupid please bear with me.

    I saw someone's tokidoki collection & just adore the cactus characters
    so I finally decided to get me one (or some:rolleyes:) travel/overnight/carry-on bag(s) and found this print to be my favorite so far and came across this listing:




    I saw a guy with the foresta ciao ciao and it looked like it could carry alot...

    any opinions on how practical these bags are for the purpose I have stated?
    Able to fit alot? can I get an idea about how many days of clothing, etc.?
    I guess -- probably better if I asked, for those who have these bags, what's the most you've fit in it.

    Also, paying above retail for this bag, is it worth it?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. i can't answer your question since i don't own any of those styles, but you might also be interested in the "buon viaggio" or "luna" styles...The bv fits quite a bit..and the luna a whole lot more. they're not on eBay currently in the OP print, but they pop up occasionally.

    i think nowadays ppl end up paying over retail for OP purses/bags since they are getting to be pretty rare. i paid a high price for my OP buon viaggio, but i love it, so it was worth it.
  3. the scuola would be good as a carry on or overnight bag. it can fit alot and has more pockets. i have both styles and personally find it easier to have a back pack as opposed to the cross body or shoulder style bag like the ciao ciao for traveling. these prices don't seem so bad either considering they are OPs.
  4. Ciao ciao wouldn't be practical for an overnight bag, they're flat so you can't pack *that* much in. A campeggio, scuola, luna....those are better styles.
  5. Of the two, a scuola definitely holds more, but for overnight I think a Luna might be better. If you want something you could either use every day or for weekend trips, then a scuola would be great. You could maybe fit a couple of outfits in it.