1st edition flat brass classique..

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  1. wow, that's crazy gorgeous, leave it to Amour to find this beauty :love:
  2. Oooh! Isn't Avery looking for this? Or wait, did she already find one? lol.

    ETA: yes, it is Avery! I just PMd her. Hope she gets it!:heart:
  3. OMG ..... I've had it - sold it - missed it - must have it again :nuts: ;) :wlae: !!! THANK you "N" for sharing :love:
  4. Oh, good luck to you, too, firstclass!:flowers:
  5. Ohhh .... thank you pupster... :smile: - - - I didn't know that avery also is looking for this :wtf: - so I'll wait to her ! I've already asked the seller for a BIN .... I'm just waiting for an answer. Avery - don't worry, I'll not buy it right now - let me know if you're interested to buy it !!
  6. hello all

    just a question...but if there are already bidders on the item isnt asking the seller for a BIN a bit unfair??

    and just so that there isnt any secrets between us pfers I have bid on this Bbag, and while it isnt my dream bag, I wouldnt be unhappy if I got it.

    Having said all this I am willing to stand aside if there is another lovely PFer that really really wants it

    hopefully no hard feelings..
  7. she won't do a BIN.. i might bid on it too :shame: just to confess!
  8. I really wish it came with the strap. This is also my DREAM BAG! An original Le Dix would complete my collection.

    I purchased a Le Dix in 2001 and before I even had a chance to wear it outside my apartment, damn 9/11 happened and I lost my job. So I returned it to Barneys for the $1200 refund (there's too much tax in NYC) and haven't found one of these babies for myself yet.

    I can't pay as much as I did back in '01, especially since it's missing the shoulder strap. Should I wait for one with the strap, or test my luck with this pretty little number? She is in excellent condition.
  9. It's so beautiful!! I really hope someone from PF gets it!!
  10. hmmmmmmmm, i thought Avery already got her dream bag (?) :shrugs:...good luck to the girl who wins this gem :flowers:
  11. Hi girls: yes, I have been waiting for one of these babies for a long time but have been so busy with my exams that I didn't get a chance to go online until now! Thanks PP for letting me know! ;)
    I can't believe it!! It's SO freakin' gorgeous!!!! :love: :love: :love:
  12. Weren't they first made in 2001 though? Where's Mimi?! We need her expertise! ;) :love:
  13. It's my dream bag too!!!! But I think I'll pass on this one! Good luck, ladies! And yes, I thought they were made in 2001?
  14. OMG!!! it is GORGEOUS!!!! shame it doesn't come with the long strap though
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