1st Day bag - Granny or Latte?

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  1. Thinking of getting my first Day bag after looking at all the uber chic reveals, but can't decide between a lovely, preowned 09 Granny Day in RH and a new Latte mRGGH one!!!

    Love the fresh light green of Granny. It does seem a little more special, although I don't know if the colour is really versatile enough to be worn as a neutral IRL?

    I always find Latte a lovely shade...but Granny is a close fight!

    If it helps the other hobo style bags I have are the black Prada cervo luxe tote and the LV Galliera PM. Nothing close to either colour...

    Advice appreciated - I always find your comments and insights valuable!!
  2. Latte!
  3. Another vote for Latte! Love the DAY!
  4. Keep the votes coming!! :smile:
  5. Latte is gorgeous! Especially with rosegold hardware! I'm saving for 1 right now!
  6. I fell in love with Latte when I got my new Velo. This color is sooooo nice.
  7. Latte! So versatile and classic.
  8. Latte :tup:
  9. Latte. Definitely more versatile than Granny.
  10. another vote for latte. so beautiful with the rose gold!
  11. Latte :heart:
  12. Thank you all for your input!! I ordered the latte mRGGH day from Erica using the recent discount code and she shipped it out YESTERDAY (super fast)!!! So excited!! Hope it looks good on me cos I've never really tried it out and have always been more of a city gal :smile: