1st Coach Purse and Wallet

  1. I am so happy!! My Boy gave me part of my Vday gift which was from the Coach outlet store in Vegas and I got the light pink and brown purse with the mogram of the C for coach of and the matching wallet with checkbook holder and I do not know the name of the pure sorry

    the pure was 165.00 org 368.00
    wallet 65.00 org 208.00
  2. Congrats! Post pics.
  3. Congratulations. :smile: What an awesome boyfriend.
  4. congrats! I can't wait to see the pics!
  5. :yahoo: Congrats!! Sounds like you got an awesome deal!! Post pics when you can!
  6. congrats on your first coach's!.. post pictures and we can help you name them!
  7. i want to see pic's ,please !!!!!!!!!
  8. Congrats! And do post some pics.
  9. congrats, sounds like he got a great deal!!!
  10. I think I know which bag your talking about and those are so cute! Congrats
  11. Yay for you...that's awesome!!
  12. Congrats! Don't forget to post pics!
  13. Congrats! how sweet of him to get a purse and the matching wallet!
  14. oh congrats! post pix!
  15. I posted pics under a new topic called finally photos of new purse and waller if you gals can help me get the name and the year it was put out thanks