1st Coach purchase! perfect except for smudges?

  1. it's my first time purchasing a "branded" purse (i usually spend my money on jeans) and i bought a Coach Signature Demi Pouch in Brass/Khaki/White. It was previously loved, in pretty good condition but there are some blue smudges on the white leather. Is there some sort of cleaner i can use? or if I bring it to the outlet, would they clean it for me?

    apart from that, the demi is perrrrfect! I love it! :yahoo:
  2. you can buy the leather cleaner and moisturizer, i think they are only $8,a nd they do a great job. easy to use and cheap for a coach product. the outlet employees can telly ou how to use it, but won't do it for you!
    congrats on your new purchaswe, lovely choice of bag!
  3. Yup, grap the bottle of cleaner and conditioner. I use them both and the leather on my bags stay looking great.

    (Never use it on pebbled leather though)