1st Clue: No turn of key needed for this Louis Vuitton lock..

  1. Just a little something something..[​IMG]..but what it be?? :shrugs:

    1st clue: No turn of key needed for this Louis Vuitton lock

    2nd clue:
    Margherita with a twist

    3rd clue:↴


  2. Congrats!!!
  3. unveil!!!!

  4. [​IMG] No no no, you're supposed to guess! *stamps foot* :hysteric:
  5. Pochette Tikal? Pochette Cancun?
  6. Is it an agenda???
  7. :popcorn:
  8. ^ that ani icon makes me hungry:shocked:

    come one frankie I need to go to bed!
  9. Uh-uh.. :nogood: Lol, Dell I already have three Agendas! As much as I love them, I don't think even I could justify another.. :push:

    Keep 'em coming! I've another clue coming up... :graucho:
  10. Cancun clutch?
  11. ^^ I need to get to bed too... I SUCK at this game!! I am NOT good a guessing!

    UM... a cles??
  12. For LMM, so he can soon get his beauty sleep! :winkiss:

  13. Not a Cles...

  14. OK... so cles isn't it... it is too large. The tulum??
  15. Pochette Tulum?