1st child in your 30's, experiences to share ?

  1. I' m 29 and won't be having a child within the next year at least, it's kinda complicated with my BF right now we might even go separate ways, so I am terrified with the idea of having to find the right man with who to conceive....when your biological clock is ticking.
    I need to hear stories and opinions about women having their frst child later than in their 20's. Is is difficult ? I did some research on the forum and couldn't find any.:confused1:
  2. hey don't worry about that.

    you need ot have the right guy in your life ot have a kid with instead of compromising bc you're scared of your bio clock. i know a few friends in theri 30s who had kids naturally and alot of women in their 40s who got in vitro and had their kids....

    so make sure you find the right guy before you have kids. it'll happen =)
  3. Lots of women are waiting until their 30's to have kids these days. I wouldn't worry about that.
  4. had my first child at 33 and second at 35. healthy boys and no problems at all with the births. DH and i were married for 11 years when our first child was born. we were more mature and very well settled financially in our 30's. i am glad we waited to have the family.
  5. Didn't get hitched til I was 30. Got prego-spaghetti sauce 2 wks later so had him right before turning 31. Had 2nd child at 34 and last child at 36.

    There're pro's and cons to both. I'm not going to lie to ya. I'm about a 1/2 a child in too deep and tired as ****!

    But...they keep me very active. Who needs to excercise when you're my age chasing after 3 kids under 6!?

    "It's allll goooood!"
  6. Bio-ma-logical clock?

    I'm thirty, and my biological clock is the LAST thing on my mind. I don't want to have kids now, although I may want to some day, but I figure I still have a good fifteen, possibly even twenty, years to conceive. You'll be good for at least another decade, so don't worry about it (unless you have underlying health issues that would keep you from conceiving naturally). And even then there's still a whole gang of medical options that can help women get pregnant. Nah, don't worry, you're good.
  7. hey ya, I wouldn't worry. my mother had both my brother and I after 30 and that was about 30 years ago. so you see there is no reason to be freaked about this (you remind me of the episode when Rachel turns 30... and see what happened there). but I was the same as you, however, the man I wanted to conceive and did, just came about a couple of months after I worried out loud. so you never know...

    and yes you have time, although i can also understand the biological clock worries - had those too. even so you still have a number of years for your first child.

    don't worry, just relax and it will happen soon rather than later for sure.
  8. Don't stress about that! Find the person that makes you happy and all will fall into place. I had 3 little ones within five years and in my 30's. I still want one more!!! I am half dead, but it is worth every bit of the work. It will happen for you and you will remember this day starting this thread...and probably laugh about it.
  9. lol

    I was at my brother's house last week and he offered me a beer I said "wait, I gotta go pee on this stick and find out if I'm ovulating" (i love having a gay brother, you can just throw that stuff out.)

    5 minutes later I come out of the bathroom, he cocks his head to one side "Are you ov-u-ma-la-ting yet?"


    PS - I'm 30 and trying to conceive baby #1...having a rough go at it, hence the ovu-ma-lating stick. But I'm just worried as I've already m/c'd in the past year...but that's my issue...
  10. I had my first child at 33 and am now a month away from 35 and pregnant with my second. Being pregnant at an older age is hard on your body. I was athletic all my life but the pregnancies have really taken a toll on my body physically. In addition, there's more "risk" when you are above 35 and the doctors are usually more cautious. Some women also have a harder time conceiving which is a good reason now to wait too long.

    All that being said, I think that since I am older and have done pretty much everything else that I wanted to do I don't feel like I am missing out when I need to stay home with the kids and can't do all the fun partying and other things I did when I was younger. it is def. out of my system and I am in total mommy mode (well, for the most part).

    Having babies in your 30s isn't such a big deal anymore because so many women are waiting longer to settle down with kids.

    One tip I can give you is to start getting your body ready now by exercising, giving up smoking, taking a prenatal vitamin. Those are things you can at least control, maybe even start a baby fund to have some money stashed for when it happens.

    If you have any other questions about the phyiscal part, the tests, etc. send me a PM.

    Best of luck!
  11. i couldn't have said it better (i had my baby at 32). i really feel i am a better mom/wife at this stage in my life- and i certainly don't feel 'old' (or look it). being more established, happy, and confident in my life has made all my other life choices so much better - marriage, home, family. your best years are ahead of you!!!
  12. ^thank you all for your answers, good to know I am not alone, I just need to hear some stories....
  13. My mother had me at the age of 32 and her pregnancy was just fine. I'm sure yours will be too when the time comes!
  14. My mom had me and my brothers in her 30's and one of her sisters had her son in her 40's. You should have nothing to worry about.

    I think more and more women are waiting to have kids when they're a little bit older nowadays anyway.
  15. Heyyyy, don't worry about that! More and more women are choosing to have their children later and later in life. Personally, I wanted to wait until I was finished wth Uni and until I had a job, but sometimes life doesn't go the way you planned!

    You still have plenty of time to have babies and plenty of time to find a partmer! Just enjoy the life that you have now and try not to sweat those things!! You'll be a great mom when that day comes for you!