1st chanel

  1. ahh! so i finally stopped by southcoast ysterday and purchased my 1st chanel. i ended up getting the black caviar jumbo flap bag and the limited edition wallet.

    flap was 2695, and the wallet 990. so after taxes it came up to 3922! omg my poooor credit card.

    i also seen a chanel bangle..that i soo wanted. but it was 395! ahhh,. im so tempted to go back and get it.

    anyways im glad i got the black caviar..and also the jumbo. theres so much space inside. i was gonna get the white caviar in medium with the bijou chain, but i hear that if u wear jeans the color may transfer onto the white!

    anyways guys..whats ur chanel splurge this xmas?

    ahh! im sooo happy i got a chanel now, the jumbo too! and the hottest wallet.

  2. also guys..do u think the chanel bangle is worth it!?! ahhh.
  3. Congratulations.....love the bag and loooove the wallet!!!!
  4. wow the wallet is HOTTT and it's huge :p
  5. Congratulations !!! love the wallet
  6. Congrats and great choices!! Enjoy!
  7. Congrats on your Chanels!and welcome to the club!:tup:
  8. heres more pics.





  9. which bangle is it, can you describe it or if you have a picture, even better?
  10. Those are great purchases and congrats on your first Chanel! Rest assured it won't be your last!!!!!!
  11. the bangle is a thick one, gold color, and it says something along the lines of "to be irreplacable is to be indifferent"

    that one was 395

    there was also another thinner one, gold color as well, that said something about luxury, i dont remember!

    but i soo want the bangle. its just soo hot.
  12. love both of them! congrats!
    the bangle sounds cute, i'd say go back and get it if you think you'll be regretting it if you don't =)
  13. Congratulations on your 1st Chanel and new purchases. You can't go wrong with a flap. I fell in love with them a little late, but now I can't get enough of them!

    Love the wallet.

    When it comes to Chanel accessories, if you LOVE it, than the price is worth it. I bought earrings for $500. So, if you know you'll wear it a lot and you love it, than its worth it.
  14. Congrats on purchasing your first Chanel bag..and as others have siad it wont be your last. I love the wallet as well!!
  15. You made some wonderful first purchases!
    Now go get that bangle so we can see the pictures!