1st Chanel

  1. Just curious - but when any of you bought your very first Chanel purse - was it in the Chanel boutique or did alot of you decide on a pre-loved one?

    I'm so undecided on what to do. At the moment, I keep thinking I can't afford a brand new one so I've been looking through eBay but just am very wary on getting one through there - I've been talking to a lady about a vintage 1980 Chanel that she got estated to her that she's willing to sell for $500.00 -

    I live in Virginia Beach so not sure how close a Chanel store is .. but I also haven't seen many Chanels in person either - so it's hard for me to figure out what I want. *Sigh*

    I've been talking to my DH and he says if it's a purse I'm going to use for years then he thinks its a good investment. I've even talked about selling my Coach purses and Dooney and Burke ones to help in my purchase of a Chanel. I love my purses - all of them .. each has special meaning and memories when I bought them .. does that sound weird? LOL.

    So anyhow - what was your very first Chanel purse purchase? And was it the best thing that you did? Do you still use it?!
  2. i got my first chanel purse on eBay-it was a small lambskin classic flap that was 8 years old but in good condition. I used it once, but the size was too small for me, so I recently sold it. It wasn't the best thing that I did though because I realized I wanted a bigger size, so now I bought a brand new metallic black 228 (largest size) and I'm much happier.

    I think if you did some research, know what you want, and aren't bothered by any flaws in vintage purses then buying used is not a problem. Otherwise, I think it's a good idea to save for a new one that you love.
  3. i JUST purchased mine. i initially wanted the cambon, but later a few tpfers helped me decide on the baby cabas. i searched several stores, and finally found it at a Nordstrom. i LOVE it and stare at it everyday. hahah

    gL on your search. just research on this forum, it helps a LOT.
  4. My first was a white caviar Classic Flap with silver hardware.

    I am certain you will find all the help you need here to help you pick the right bag for you.

    Happy Chanel shopping!!!:yes:
  5. My first is my dark silver 225 reissue, just got it in July. I never visited the Chanel boutique to try it on, but I just bought the bag via phone.

    I've been loving the Chanel classic flap for some times. But I always thought that it's more affordable to get a LV instead. So, I didn't step in any Chanel boutiques at all. Later, I read a lot magazines & saw those colorful flaps out there, which get me wanting to get one. However, I had no more chance to visit a store since I moved from Toronto to Nova Scotia. Thus, I have to rely on TPF. Then, I found out it's not that easy to get one I want as I'm looking for seasonal color. Thus, I'm glad I got my dark silver reissue & believe the bag worth every penny I spent. :sweatdrop:

    I prefer brand new stuffs, so I won't go eBay.
  6. I got my first classic flap through someone I know secondhand but it was a trustworthy seller so it was a good experience. However I just recently bought a red flap on ebay and paid much over retail for a vintage one. The bag came and wasn't the right color and was not in described condition. I'm heartbroken and trying to get my money back. Obviously I'm weary of ebay now and I would not recommend it for your first Chanel unless you do a lot of research. Good luck! :tup:
  7. :yes:My first was a white caviar Classic Flap with silver hardware too. I was looking for it so long time after they were sold out from all shop closed to me, once I found it on Ebay in the 100% new condition, I did buy it right away and never been regret that I paid even more than the shop's price

    Then I started look for the bigger one, jumbo black cavier (because I thought I need the bigger one for stock all of my stuff)...I've got one....happy with it.

    I plan to keep both of them,since they are classic and I'm sure that they will never be out of date.

    The med size good for the casual day or nice party,the bigger one can carry all of my **** when I want to carry my camera or the others.

    I'm looking for the bubble bowler white on black right now, because I think it'd be good for my travelling.
  8. It was a Classic Flap size small in black lamskin ang gold hardware.

    And I :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: her !!!​
  9. My 1st chanel is a Large LigneCambon Tote-Patent Cs. Great tote - perfect for work and wkends.. and i love the fuschia interior as well.
  10. First was a GST, a lovely bag I know I will keep coming back to and loving, then I got a flap in bordeaux (I had to get this one on ebay as the colour was impossible to find in the UK), I have since found another on Ebay, as I couldnt get the medium with a bijoux chain over here, but I have only bought brand new ones from ebay. I do buy from the stores too, as nothing beats the experience of looking at all the goodies ;)

    Ebay is fine, as long as you really do your homework, and get everything authenticated, EVEN the ones that look completely solid ;)

    good luck with your first Chanel, whichever one you choose
  11. My first Chanel purse was an E/W flap in Beige Caviar with Gold hardware from Chanel boutique in Nordstrom last year.. but after bringing it home, I'm having a second thought cause I found it too small for my need, and then I exchanged it to Medium Classic Flap Caviar in Blue Fonce with Silver Hardware. I still love it!! though I regretted that I passed on the Violet Classic Flap... :crybaby:

    Oh well.. I'm still looking forward for the colorful flap & reissue on the next spring 2008 collection.. :yahoo:

    anyway, get the Chanel before the price increase!! Cause the raise is insane..
  12. I just got my first Chanel - a medium classic flap in black caviar with gold hardware. I wanted something super classic since I don't plan on buying more... but hanging around on this forum is not helping! I bought her a Chanel boutique.
  13. My first chanel was the black medium/large classic lambskin with silver hardware which I just bought last month. I was also fairly certain that my first would be a classic flap (either black or pink, whichever came first). I initally thought that I would buy my first chanel from the boutique, but given the price increases etc, it was just too good a deal to pass up even though it was second hand (it was only used 2-3 times), I bit the bullet. I love the black lambskin, and although I have taken it out for its first outing, I'm still trying to get over "babying it" as the lambskin can be quite precious. But I dont regret buying it at all as it's such a timeless piece and would never date :smile: :heart:

    To be perfectly honest, I did feel a bit nervous spending that much online, but thankfully everything worked out ok.
    Buying online is risky and if you rather not have the worry of authenticity etc. just save up and buy from the store. But there are genuine bags out there, so if you're going to go down that route, definitely do some research and try as many as you can so that you know exactly what you want/looking for when it pops up on sale :smile:
  14. I know that the caviar is more durable .. but how much do you have to baby the lambskin? Just curious if any of you use it as a everyday purse or if you only pull it out on special occasions. And how do you tell the difference? If it's in pictures?
  15. If you can, I suggest you go see some Chanel's in person. You might try calling the Saks in Richmond. Some Sak's carry Chanel and some don't. I don't know about that one, but it is closer than Tyson's Corner in Northern VA. If you do trek up to Tyson's Galleria, it is worth it, as Neiman Marcus has a Chanel boutique and a great SA, Marilyn. She is very patient with Chanel newbie questions. The Galleria also has a chanel boutique and Indra is a great SA there. I would save up to get one from a known retailer as I am just leary of ebay given all of the fakes. I also encourage you to look at the caviear as it is more durable and for a bag you want to get alot of use out of and not have to "baby."