1st Chanel! *woot woot*

  1. My DH and i went to Tysons Galleria just to have dinner at the cheesecake factory, told him i wanted to have a "look" at the Chanel bags ive been pining for.. and well.... i walked out with my first!!!!

    i know youve seen a lot of these, or enough of these for this lifetime but im just so excited to share my 1st with everyone!! (my LV azur saleya's on the sideline looking on enviously)

    Presenting my Black PST!

    im actually thinking of exchanging it for a GST... any enablers out there??
    PST1.JPG PST2.jpg PST3.jpg PST4.jpg PST5.jpg
  2. i love your bag! congrats! and i think you should exchange it for a GST! i LOVEEEEEEE the GST! :drool:
  3. Very cute! You exchanging it for the GST depends upon how much you carry in your bags. Congrats on your 1st Chanel!
  4. Enjoy your first Chanel! You're going to be hooked now...
  5. Congrats, I vote for the GST too ... LOL
  6. congrats! i love the pst and the gst! originally i bought the black pst but i exchanged it for the gst! it really depends on how much you fit in your bag =) CONGRATS AGAIN!
  7. LOL! dont i know it?? Now DH is telling me he'll just get me a GST instead of having to exchange my PST, im gonna get a heart attack!

  8. i normally dont carry a lot, but i like the space and the chic-ness of an oversized designer bag :graucho:
  9. Congrats!! Great choice for your first Chanel :smile:
    LOVE The Cheesecake Factory!!
  10. Such a pretty bag. If you need a bigger one, though, go with the GST.
  11. oo pretty! is that silver hw or am i just color blind?

    if you like large bags, get the gst. i think the pst is a great everyday bag for when you just want to do a little shopping and walking around. the gst might get a little heavy.
  12. its actually Gold h/w that my pst has. ive been thinking about the GST getting heavy and the PST being the perfect size.. most of my bags are BIG haha. This would be my 2nd "smaller" bag.. im giving the PST a week... LOL
  13. ooooh this is what i want my first to be as well - conrats its gorg!
  14. congrats on your 1st chanel! Great choice, u cant go wrong with something as classic as that :biggrin:
  15. OMG congrats, what an awesome first. I want this bag so bad.