1st Chanel....which would you get?

  1. I am looking for an everyday black bag to wear with suits etc. In addition, I wouldn't mind getting an elegant black bag for dresses/evening etc. For now, I only want to get one Chanel bag.

    So if you were to only get one... should I go for the caviar black flap in large (for work etc.) or get the more elegant smaller black flap in lambskin and get a different black bag for day?

  2. I would start with the large caviar flap. It will be more durable and will look good with work clothes but won't look out of place in the evening. The small black lambskin is a little more delicate and might not be useful for work, you can always add that later.
  3. For an evening bag, I would be looking at the lambskin clutch that just came out. It's 995.
  4. Is it on the Chanel website?
  5. No, they don't put pics of the bags on Chanel's website, but we do have a photo in the PDF files.
  6. I agree, large caviar flap
  7. Thank You!! Gorgeous! I was just at Chanel, but didn't see any of those. :sad:

    One more question- for everyday black or grey???
  8. black.
  9. Hi ladies! I'm also looking into buying my very 1st chanel bag. I'm totally head over hills with the Diamond stitch flap and the classic cavier flap. Do you ladies know what are the colors made for diamond stitch flap? Is the bag comfortable enuf to wear it on the shoulder? Seriously, which would u rather get for your 1st chanel? I wish I have the bling to buy both! Arghh..... TIA! [​IMG]
  10. imgg, are you sure we don't work together (or at least share the same wardrope)? :nuts: I'm going through the same dilemma. Between the the cavila black flap in large v. the small black flap in lambskin, I would go for the LARGE. Just because Chanel classic flap bags are such a classic that I think the larger size won't take any of the elegance away, even for a night out.