1st chanel wallet... b'day & x'mas gifts pics

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  1. greetings to all....... thanks for dropping by...

    belated birthday present fr sweet DH :shame:

    December has been a great month ~ a nice cruise icon black chanel bag for x'mas... followed by this :yahoo:

    happy viewing:smile:
    000_0755.JPG 000_0756.JPG 000_0758.JPG
  2. Congrats!! It's so pretty! :tup:
  3. awww you lucky duck!! enjoy them and happy new year to you! (looks like you're gonna get a great year ahead lol) ;)
  4. congrats! Beautiful wallet to go with a beautiful bag.
  5. What a gorgeous wallet. & the best part is she will always brighten up each day as you will be using her everyday! :smile:
  6. Its sososo pretty :smile: Happy New Year and enjoy ur new purchases
  7. happy happy happy new year :party:

    glad to share..... thank u!
  8. Congrats! I absolutely LOVE the icons flap. I saw it in person two days ago and I loved it! I would totally buy it if I didn't spend such an outrageous amount at Chanel this year. Poo. I wish money grew on trees.
  9. I LOVE that wallet!! Congrats!!
  10. Love the wallet and flap. I saw the icons flap yesterday and thought it was a beautiful bag. But the price for the larger one was $3200! ouch!!:sad:
  11. Gorgeous bag!!!

    Congrats and happy new year.
  12. OMG!!!!! AMAZING!!! Congrats!!!!
  13. Beautiful!! Congrats and a happy new year
  14. Very nice!!!
  15. Beautiful set!