1st Chanel since 2003 .. Thanks to ur bad influence LOOL

  1. Oh God im soooooooooo excited:yahoo: im purchasing my 1st chanel since the summer of 2003 ... too long ... :wtf:

    it all begun when i started coming here and checking the reissue related threads UNTILL i entred the ******* bag thread and fell in love with it :wlae: did lots of reading, checked all pfe'rs related pix ...went to my chanel store and saw it IRL, now i called back and confirmed that i want it ... OMG OMG OMG ....

    im heading to the boutique in a couple of hours .. stay tuned:wlae:


    PS: Envyme u know what bag im buying.. so shshshhshshs:angel:

    seee u :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. ooh.. exciting.. please report back!!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. :yahoo: girls we need some guessing here
  5. Let me guess...A re-issue? :graucho:
  6. Ooh Chloe!! Can't wait!!
  7. Joia .. nope not a re issue

    BagLovingMom .. Guessssss
  8. jumbo caviar?
  9. shoog .. nope:P

    its not a 2.55 shaped bag ....not a luxury line ... :angel: so?
  10. Is it a Coco?
  11. cambon?
  12. humm.....Luxury Bowler ??? can't wait to see what's inside that mystery bag!
  13. shoog .. la msh cambon ..

    elong .. LMAO

    artiz ... nope not a luxury piece ..

    im charging my cam ..pix coming soooon :yahoo:
  14. what a tease!!!LMAO!
  15. oh chloe, you're keeping me awake waiting to see your new bag. lol