1st chanel should be .....


Jul 14, 2008
Everyone and when I mean everyone has managed to afford a chanel jumbo. I at first wanted it so badly, but then somehow in the midst of it all, i decided that I needed a bag that would reflect who I am. So as bad as I want that caviar. I think im heading towards getting the Chanel quilted large boy bag.

I will probaby get the beige caviar 2.55 with GHW. I need something classic but not overly replicated! Fake replicas also bother me!!!

The chanel executive tote is a classy one, but somehow i love the GST as well. Decisions decisions! Any thoughts. Since i dont own one, I would like to hear your thoughts... Yours truly NYC709!

All Smiles

Mar 1, 2012
It's a tough decision to make. You should go with your gut. Personally, I wanted the flap bag, it was like a trophy, I love it and it was practical for me as a weekend bag. But I guess when it comes to spending that much money, you need to consider if it really is going to be practical for you and definitely purchase based on your style, a bag is an accessory and your the centre piece of the outfit :smile: