1st Chanel purchase

  1. Hi im normally a coach girl but i wanted to purchase a chanel a simple one with the c"s crossed or a wallet how much do they cost?
  2. I don't know what "crossed C's" are{?}

    DOH! Do you mean double C's? One is forward one is backward? That's Chanel's trademark, all things Chanel will have that trademark:yes:
    Wallets are about $500-700 on average.

    For a bag, we'd need a specific bag as an example.
  3. Most Classic Chanels are pretty simple. The Flaps, GST, PST, Medallion tote, are all great starter pieces. Flaps are usually in the high $1000s-$2000s, the GST is about $1900, the Medallion tote is about $2000 and the PST is in the mid $1000s.

    The Chanel in my avatar is my first and only Chanel (at the moment) and it cost me $1825 CAD, but this bag is $1895 in the US.
  4. Do they still sell that bag in the avatar?id love one like that! Can they be ordered online? real not fake!
  5. Yes you can still purchase that from Chanel, it's a classic design. You can't buy Chanel online. Call the Chanel boutique nearest to you or any department store that carries Chanel like NM, Saks, BG or Nordstrom, they do mail orders. Good luck!