1st Chanel Necklace & a bonus "interesting" accessory Reveal!

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  1. Chanel is so addictive... and April's a very expensive month...

    Went shopping on Friday and can't pass on this special necklace.

    Although I like the CC logo necklaces as well, I haven't seen one that calls out to me yet. I prefer and was looking for something with other design elements in addition to the logo.

    This one has it all.

    The Chanel Camellia really appeals to me. It's beautiful all on its own, but it doesn't scream Chanel. It is like a little secret that you feel fellow Chanel fans can truly appreciate. :smile:

    So here goes my 1st ever Chanel necklace, and I'm so glad it's a special pretty Camellia. :heart: :cloud9:

    Font and back details:

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  2. Love it so much. Every time I take it out of the box I can't stop staring at it.

    It's adjustable at 2 different lengths.

    Here're a few mod shots to show the 2 lengths. (sorry for the simple white tank I was wearing while bumming around the house) :lol:

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  3. I love it. You're right that a fellow Chanel fan would identify the flower right away. May I ask how long the necklace is? Perhaps some mod shots?
  4. You beat me to it! Looks great..enjoy..
  5. and... as promised... and because I can't help it even though it's not a Chanel purchase..

    it is an accessory though and I bought it on the same shopping trip and it's just so fun I had to include it... :love: :supacool:
    Here's my colorful (sorry it's a bit blingy with pastel color crystals and soft lighting in my room, so the lighting blurred it even after a few attempts to take a clear photo) giant ear ring/ear cuff. I will be wearing this LOTS!!!

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  6. Haha thanks!!!
  7. Could you share the code and price. I love the necklace - is it current season?
  8. Cute earrings! So unique!
  9. Always glad to enable others :lol:

    It's from 16P. I just PM'ed you the requested info.
  10. Thank you!! I can't resist, and it's at a great price (well, after shopping at Chanel, everything else seemed like a great deal no matter what...)
  11. can u pm me same info please.?. that's quite beautiful.. enjoy it to bits!!
  12. Wow! This is stunning! Congrats on both pieces, Vanana!
  13. Stunning necklace, congrats!
  14. That is so pretty. Congrats!
  15. They are both stunning. You look great!
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