1st Chanel handbag

  1. Hi all,

    I have never owned a Chanel and am considering buying one now. I want a black bag, to go from day to night (not a tote) and something with a chain handle and quilted. I don't know the names of the bags and I have a picture in my mind of the quintessential Chanel bag. Can you guys help me decide on my first purchase? Thank you.
  2. that sounds like a Classic Flap:yes:
    It's the epitome of Chanel :biggrin:
    Check out our Reference Library, there's OODLES of photos!
  3. Black jumbo classic flap in lampskin!!
  4. Yes.... that's the one! Now... how much does one cost and do I go to a Chanel boutique to purchase one?
  5. classic flap either jumbo or medium. i'll say jumbo cos it holds a lots more tha medium.

    good luck
  6. as for which one, it's up to you.
    if you'll want to use it in the day as well sometimes, you'll want a bigger size, there's different sizes to choose from.
    Do you know where a Chanel is near you to try them on?
    When you go, ask to see the different sizes available for the "Timeless Classic Flap".
  7. Thank you.... I'm so excited to get my first Chanel. It is the year for the firsts. I just got my first LV Speedy in October. I am into the chapter of my life where I want the "Big Girl" bags.
  8. If you are in the U.S. some Saks, Neiman Marcus', Bloomingdales and Nordstrom's carry Chanel. Call them and they can let you know if they carry Chanel so you can try on bags to see what you like.