1st Chanel Buy

  1. I'm wanting to buy my first chanel handbag or accessory...any suggestions? I'm leaning more towards an accessory. Also, where's a good place to buy chanel...I currently reside in cali. Love to hear your thoughts! :yahoo:
  2. Where in CA do you live? In Northern CA, you can go to the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto. The NM there sells Chanel. There is also a Chanel boutique in SF.:yes: I'm not sure of what your style is or how much you carry, but how about the Classic Flap or the Caviar Medallion Tote(both on my wishlist). I just ordered this from NM as my first chanel:

    eBay: AUTHENTIC CHANEL CLASSIC PINK SHOULDER BAG CAVIAR TOTE (item 320016119166 end time Aug-20-06 12:39:42 PDT)

    Don't buy this Ebay one, though, I think it might be fake. The seller won't send pics of the hologram or Authenticity card.:rant:
  3. If you're looking for an accessory, how about a wallet? The leather is so lovely. What's your price range?
  4. Thanks pupster, but not really a pink kind of gal - bags cute though! ;) I'm more southern cali than northern.

    Elongreach you read my mind! I'm terrible because if I really want something I don't really have a budget, but just bought a new LV wallet so was maybe thinking of a keyholder, pouch, cell phone case, etc. Still would love to hear your thoughts on a wallet though. They are gorgeous!
  5. Oh, you should so get a cell phone holder. That would be too cute. Some of the ladies have some great ones. Check them out in the accessories sticky. How about a clutch? There is this really hot clutch out right now that I'm really close to getting (once I get my new job I'm blowing my first paycheck on it and some other stuff).
  6. The accessories sticky has some great ideas. I was at short hills today and they had a mouth watering array of accessories:P
  7. they make an ipod holder that is too cute!!!
  8. Neimans or Saks or a Chanel boutique ;)

    And, it really depends on your style. Are you going for a classic look?
  9. I love the Cambon Wallets...I don't know if they are still kicking around in boutiques though? I have heard that the line is discontinued? *cries*
  10. I was just in a Chanel boutique about a week ago and they still had the long and small Cambon wallets. Here is my small, they still had this one.
  11. Strong selection of Cambon wallets in Seattle Nordstrom. Lots of jewelry too which is always good!