1st Chanel bag??

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  1. Hi!

    This will be my 1st Chanel bag purchase but which one? Can't decide :confused1:

    Black Caviar Medium Classic Falp w/ SHW or Black Lambskin Medium Camera Bag Reissue w/ GHW

    Thank you!
  2. i prefer the caviar with shw bc i feel that its more durable and im not constantly worrying about it like my lambskin and i also like shw vs ghw :biggrin: Can't wait to see pics :smile:
  3. My issue with the camera style is that eventually, the top area where you pull on the zipper will start to bulge out and it won't lay flat anymore.. I've taken mine to Chanel.. nothing they can do about it.
  4. for the very first one, I would suggest m/l lambskin with ghw.
  5. I would go for a flap first! GL!
  6. I vote for the black caviar flap.
  7. caviar flap
  8. classic caviar flap! so timeless!
  9. What is your personal fashion style? And what kind of bags are you into? Contrary to tPF belief, not everyone is a classic flap person.
  10. thank you everyone..

    ^^ my personal style is simple but classy. I like Bal bags but want to own 1 or 2 Chanel bags.
  11. Hi jav821!! I think you should spring for the flap, it's so chic not to mention classic!! Good luck deciding!!!
  12. My vote goes for - Black Caviar Medium Classic Flap w/ SHW
  13. The most classic bag is black lambskin with gold hardware. It's simply stunning. I think if you want that size in black, that would be best bag. I have the M/L flap in lambskin and it doesn't hold that much. I only use it in the evenings when I'm dressing up. It's silver and I regret SOOOO much not having gold.

    If you want a more casual day to day bag, I would go for the black jumbo caviar with silver hardware.
  14. My vote goes to the black caviar classic flap. It is durable and can be worn day into evening. The camera case looks too casual sometimes, yet the flap can be worn with jeans and still looks great. Flap=versatile. Can't wait to see you what you decide!!
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