1st chanel bag

  1. I am thinking of buying a chanel bag- but i don't know where to start! haha.

    what would you guys recommend? :lol: ...
  2. If this is your first Chanel, I would go with something from the Cambon Ligne or a classic flap bag. Good luck!
  3. I think you have to go the Chanel boutique and see what tickles your fancy!

    I'm a "touchy-feely person" so I have to try on the bags in person.

    You'll LOOOOOOOOVE the total experience!
  4. haha- thanks!! :P i shall make it over to the 5th ave storeeee.
  5. Single flap quilted Caviar Leather bag.
  6. I agree, you MUST go and try them on! You may love some of the ones we post pics of but hate them on you! Have fun!
  7. I agree, go to a Chanel boutique. You'll know at first look which bag is the right one for you. :biggrin: Have fun.
  8. Definitely try them on -- IMO some of the cambon bags are kind of fat and, for me, not so comfortable on my shoulder.
  9. Classic flap bag (probably caviar)
  10. yeah - go into chanel and have a bit of FUN!!!
  11. Not cambon bag, I bought mine right after it came out and I sold it on ebay a few months ago. Not comfortable to carry, too bulky, and the more I saw it the more I think it looks tacky.

    I also vote for a caviar classic flap (or for a younger look go for single flap single chain as opposed to the classic double flaps). But if you could you definitely wanna go to the store and try them on in person! I find that some Chanel bags don't like that great in picture but in person they look gorgeous with the leather being used.
  12. thanks all!!! :P i will be making it to the NY chanel store SOON.... ( :
  13. I've fallen in love with the Paris New York ligne. You might want to check it out.
  14. Smoothporter, where did you find pics of the Paris New York ligne? Would love to see them.
  15. Me too!

    I would go for the classic caviar 2.55, that's the ultimate Chanel bag IMO