1st Chanel bag reveal!

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm so excited to share with you all my first Chanel bag. A beautiful pre-loved 2 series mini camera bag in lambskin. I fell in love at first sight, I love the shape, the gold chain, and gorgeous CC's. The big bonus is my smartphone fits perfectly in the front pocket. So excited to finally add a Chanel to my 1467411456073.jpg 1467411472217.jpg 1467411480950.jpg bag collection!

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  2. :yahoo:How exciting, your first Chanel! You picked a beauty. Congrats!!!
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  3. Beautiful, that hardware is stunning, I wonder how much gold they used to make it , congrats!
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  4. Beautiful first Chanel. I find the hardware on the vintage bags just stunning!
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  5. Love vintage Chanel, there is nothing like it!! congrats on your beautiful camera bag with bijoux chain and etched CC!!
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  6. Gorgeous, congrats on your first Chanel!
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  7. Wow! Congrats!!
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  8. This bag is beautiful! Congrats!!
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  9. Great choice for your first chanel!!
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  10. Thank you everyone, for sharing in my excitement , can't wait to take her out!
  11. The hardware is definitely what drew me to this bag, such a beautiful gold. Thank you for the info on the chain and CC name, I was wondering what they called that style.
  12. A beauty! Congrats on your first Chanel!
  13. Looks really beautiful! Congrats. :heart::heart:
  14. Congrats on your beautiful new bag!
  15. Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!