1st CHANEL anything, ever...modeling pics!!!

  1. Thanks to ldlb, her inspiring "Chanel du jour" thread, and all the helpful info in this forum, I decided to inspect the bag that's haunted me for some months now...

    ...and took the plunge :yahoo:! The WALK OF FAME in coral is awesome, I've never seen a bag of this quality. It is light as air, soft and smooshy(reminds me of a leather pillow), and the craftmanship and materials are just topnotch. It's my first Chanel ever and I cannot be happier with my choice(I think I love her, teehee :love:). I think it's a fun bag, and I hope you guys like the pics.

    Thanks for letting me share;)!
    Chanel coral walk of fame.jpg Walk of Fame modeling pic 1.jpg Walk of Fame modeling pic 4.jpg
  2. Beautiful bag!!!! I love that gorgeous coral color, great modeling pics!!! Congratz!!! :yahoo:
  3. A couple more pics of my new love...I think I'm hooked on to the double CCs :tender:!
    Walk of Fame modeling pic 2.jpg Walk of Fame modeling pic 3.jpg
  4. Fab bag and great modeling shots! Congrats on your first! You're in trouble now, because it won't be your last! :graucho:
  5. Congratulations! a great bag:tup:
  6. Wow, love the colour. I didn't realise the bag is quite big but you do carry her so well.
  7. Up close for texture/detail shot...
    Walk of Fame texture.jpg
  8. Congrats! She looks terrific and so awesome on you! :tup:
  9. Thanks steffibp, archygirl, bagmad73! It's very flat, but sizeable. It can hold a legal size planner plus wallet, coinholder, iPhone and keys without distorting its shape, so I'm happy with that, yay!

    Bulletproofsoul, I so know what you mean, HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Darn it!
  10. Amazing bag, just love the colour, Congrats!
  11. the color is so gorgeous! congrats! looks great on you
  12. Jo_ee, BagAngel, Koalabear, thank you for the kind words :smile:!
  13. Very pretty!! Congrats!!:okay:
  14. WOW! I'm usually not a coral fan, but this bag is very pretty w/ it's unique texture and shape... and it looks great on you!

    more proof that the Chanel du jour thread is dangerous stuff! :p

    Congratulations... I'm sure we'll be seeing many more fabulous new bags from you to come, Chanel is SO addicting :yes:
  15. Thank you danicky, I love her more and more and more with each passing glance :tender:...