1st BV medium venate, shock or sunset?

  1. Ladies
    could you give me some suggestions on my first BV medium venate?
    i have several pink/red bags, like rosy pink patent chanel, salmone pink balanciage and a lipstick red cc bag. I do find pinkish color match pretty well with my wardrobe.
    I never have a yellow bag and do not know how well it will go with my clothes.I would like to pick a color that i could use quite often.
    Could you comment on which one should i pick ?Is sunset a good yellow color?
    Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. color is really a personal choice. and since we haven't seen you, most of the opinion you will get are based on the limited data at best. from your post, it looks like you've already evaluated your wardrobe and know that shock will go with your clothes better. so may i ask why you are considering sunset? do you just want a yellow bag? do you want something different from the colors you already have? do you want to know that shock is sufficiently different from the other colors you listed you own? (it is.)

    shock and sunset are both bright ( I find sunset more so), however as with anything BV, there is a certain restraint to colors that makes them eminently wearable. "vivid" might be a better description.

    now for my totally unqualified opinion: since pink goes with your clothes better, I would suggest getting that unless you're willing to buy new pieces that will coordinate with the yellow. I suggest going to the bottegaveneta.com site to give you an idea of the colors. they do quite a good job of capturing these two. however, the best thing to do is to go to a store in person ( if possible) and see the colors and available styles yourself, because you will need to decide on a style too. I know you said you want to get a Veneta but you should try the other styles too when in store ( if possible).

    it's a good dilemma to have.
  3. shock!
  4. Thanks for your suggestions.
    I like both colors. I want yellow because i do not have a yellow bag and this is a trendy color. I know dark color BVs are very classic. I just do not know how good is yellow with BV?
    for schock color, it like its young look but concerned with alll the pinkish bags i have. Should invest in something new or keep collecting pink bags.
  5. I don't know what colors are dominating in your wardrobe but red, pink and yellow can look really nice in combination. Just take a look at the current BV bags for men.
  6. I would go for the sunset. This is such an excellent yellow..so far I havent came across such a perfect yellow and it is one of mine 'must buy' once i saved enough!
  7. Thanks ladies for your suggestions!
  8. I vote for sunset because
    A) I want one myself.
    B) If you already have pinks, you might be conflicted over which pink bag to use and not get as much wear out of your new bag.

    I think I am not going to get a sunset bag because I don't want another veneta and I would be worried about color transference with the crossbody.
  9. Do you mean the light color could easily get color transfer?

  10. That's what I was warned about when I posted the question asking which sunset bag to buy. That's why I decided not to get one. I wear a lot of jeans.
  11. I see. i did not know it before.
  12. color transfer is just a fact of life for ANY light colored bag worn with dark jeans. you should be aware of this issue since you have a light colored balenciaga. if you don't want any color transfer, I suggest a darker color.

    just note that if you get a medium Veneta, it wouldn't fall low enough to touch your jeans.
  13. I love shock and thinking of getting that vs. Steel. Great dilemma to have