~ 1st BV Knot Clutch: Violet or Purple?

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Which Color BV Knot Clutch?

  1. Purple

  2. Violet

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. They're both gorgy! You did mention you were going to use it for dinners out so I voted for the Purple (Orchid) because it's brighter and you'll see it better in dim dinner lighting and the darker one might not show up as much. Might as well see the beauty!!!
  2. LOVE the violet!
  3. I'm biased but I do love Purple/Orchid! In this case, I think Purple would better show off what BV is famous for - the intrecciato weave.
    But the Violet is also gorgeous, so you can't go wrong!
  4. Orchid!
  5. the violet appeals to me as more a classic and the purple(orchid) is more trendy and poppy. personally i like the violet knot as an evening hand-carry.
  6. wow thank you ladies! I'm loving the BV forum already :biggrin: everyone here is super sweet~

    I didnt know the official names of the colors (anemone / orchid), so I just went with the names posted on NAP.

    I think I'm gonna go for Orchid since it got 80% of the votes! Anemone is gorgeous but I need a brighter pop of color because most of my outfits are dark..

    Again, thank you all so much for the votes, suggestions & advice :heart:
  7. Voted Orchid! I own both colors (Anemone & Orchid) in other bag styles but when it comes to the Knot, the Orchid is a great pop of color and when you see it IRL, you might be surprised that it's quite versatile and can match quite a number of wardrobe colors.
  8. go for orchid!!!
  9. foxyqt, glad you decided on the orchid (purple).
    do post pics when it arrives!
  10. foxyqt, great choice! can't wait for your reveal!!!!!
  11. The violet is so rich looking!
  12. voted for orchid.. quite special and great color to put with everything!!!
  13. Orchid!! It's Gorgeous! :biggrin:
  14. aaaaand here it is!! :yahoo: a few pictures as promised:

    lovvvvely Orchid! :heart:

    close-up of snakeskin trim..

    sorry the NAP tag was still on >.<


    I adore it! its bigger than I thought it would be and I'm glad that it is.. looks tiny in pictures and I was worried that it wouldnt fit my 2 phones but it does! I was able to put in my BlackBerry, Nokia phone, CC + some cash, mirror + lipstick :love: the color is beauuutiful ~

    thank you all for helping me choose my very first BV!

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  15. Wow! beautiful orchid...